Lisa M. Cronkhite
He had seen her sitting alone from across the bar.  With long raven hair and a porcelain face, her flashy amber eyes glanced his way.  
He smiled, grabbing hold of his beer, rose up off his bar-stool and walked towards her.
“Is anyone sitting here?”  he pointed to the seat next to her.
“No…by all means, take it,”  she replied, sipping on her blood-red cocktail.
“I’m John.”
“And I’m Sky.”
“Nice to meet you Sky, can I buy you a drink?”
“I’m just finishing up actually.  I’ll be right back.”  Sky then headed to the restroom.
After Sky left, John removed a small capsule from inside his wallet, broke it in half and sprinkled it into her drink.   This was the third
time he had done this, luring young women and mutilating their bodies, then dumping them where they would never be found.  He got
off on it—the rush of seducing them and having his way.
When Sky came back, she lifted her drink to her lips and looked at him, smiling, “Ah, so you wanna play huh?”
John gave her a puzzled look, “Umm…huh?”
“I mean this,” she bent down to pick up the sealed condom wrapper off the floor.  “You must have dropped it when you were paying
for the bill.”
“Ha…yeah, that’s right.”  John, relieved she didn’t detect anything else, moved in close to her and asked, “So you wanna?”
“Sure why not,” Sky answered, finishing the last of her drink.
“Great, how ‘bout my place?” John motioned for her to step outside the bar.
Once they got into the parking lot, Sky stumbled a little as John caught her arm.
“That’s unlike me, must be my heels.”
“My car’s just right here.  Let me get the door for you.”  John unlocked his truck with one push of the alarm button and opened the
door.  And as Sky slipped in, she immediately passed out.
She awoke to find her arms wrapped around the bedposts and her legs tied to the foot of the bed.  She had a feeling it would turn out
this way.
“Oh, so you like it kinky, huh?” Sky said in the dark room.
John stood over her with a knife, raising it in the air and with one plummeting dive of his hand he drove it into her stomach.  Then
again and again, he stabbed— twenty-seven times to be exact.  Blood splattered against the walls and dripped off the bed.  Everything
was in a splash of red as her lifeless body lay on soaked sheets.
After he was through slashing her to shreds, he went to the bathroom and gave himself a satisfied grin in the mirror.  He then pulled
down his jeans and slid the condom on.  As he returned to the room, he could hear a stirring and he quickly flicked on the light.  She
looked different.  Oddly enough, he started seeing the blood on her skin evaporate.  Her wounds were healing.  He couldn’t believe
what he was seeing.
“What the fuck?”  John stepped back and knocked the lamp over, cracking the light bulb out.  It was pitch black now as he could feel
a faint breathing down his neck.
Abruptly, with one rapid move Sky bit down, sinking her teeth into his throat.
“Oh, God, what have you done?”  John cried out as he fell to the floor.  He could feel two gaping holes on his neck as he tried to hold
the profuse bleeding.  Sky’s dripping fangs started to swell while her eyes changed into a yellow glow.
“I’ve been watching you.”  Sky hissed out as she inched in closer.
“Oh, God, you’re a vampire!”
“That’s right asshole.  You messed with the wrong bitch!  Now it’s my turn!”