Amelia Earhart Island
By: Regan Miner

Terror. This was not a emotion I was accustomed to but I felt it in full throttle staring at the toothless man standing in
front of the passenger plane that would take us to Bermuda. The toothless pilot grinned proudly at the hunk of junk
sitting on the runway and stroked it affectionately. Gagging, I turned away from the smushed bird guts spewing out of the
propeller and the millions of insect’s tiny bodies covering the cracked windshield like a light winter snow covering the
ground. I gasped in horror at the flimsy wings on the plane that looked like they would fall off instead of taking us up
hundreds of feet in the air. The tiny landing wheels looked the size of my fist. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the
toothless pilot reattach the door handle to the cock pit when he thought I wasn’t looking. Oh. My. God. I am going to die.
I felt all the moisture leave my mouth and my head began to spin. My husband’s hand supported my elbow as I teetered.

“There is no way in hell I am going on that plane,” I declared huskily.

“There can be no possible way that piece of junk is up to code,” I gasped. The toothless pilot’s grin faded slightly.

“Ye can count on it m’am!” The Pilot said in a southern drawl. I cringed slightly. My husband Daniel squeezed my arm.

“Sarah, I’m sure the plane is fine. Why else would the airline sell us these tickets?” He reasoned.

“Gee, I don’t know, maybe to get rid of two more people in this already over populated world?” I retorted.

“Sarah,” Daniel said in his “you’ve gone too far” voice. I sighed loudly and placed my hand on my forehead.

“I ‘sure ya madam, Ol’ Jemima is as fit to fly as she is to float,” The toothless pilot assured me. I snorted.

“That’s a comfort,” I said under my breath.

“Don’t be rude,” Daniel breathed in my ear. I screamed every profanity I could in my head as the dental doofus and
Daniel loaded our luggage onto the plane. I was suddenly seized by a strong sense of foreboding. Something really bad
was going to happen once I stepped on that plane. My husband bounded over to me and took my hand to lead me to the
plane but my feet remained firmly rooted to the ground. Daniel stumbled when I did not move. He looked back at me

“Sarah. Let’s go,” he said. I shook my head violently. Daniel walked over to my side in one stride and cupped my face in
his hands. His hazel eyes stared into my sparkling blue eyes. I gulped as I read his intensity.

“Sarah,” He breathed. “ I won’t let anything happen to you,” His mouth trailed along my neck then slowly made it’s way
up to my cheek.

“I promise.” He whispered before he covered his mouth with mine. I felt the world spin as he kissed me. The air felt like it
was on fire and the heat from the blaze was in our lips. My hands unconsciously wrapped around his neck as his hands
slid down my waist. All too soon, we broke apart.

“Now do you believe me?” He asked, his eyes twinkling.

“Yes,” I managed weakly. Daniel smiled radiantly. He took my hand and helped me into the passenger’s seat right behind
the toothless pilot.

“Good mornin’ Mr. and Mrs. Greene. My name is Walter Trescott and I will be yur Cap’n this morning. Please buckle up
‘cause in two minutes we’re blowing this popsicle stand!” Captain Trescott announced. Daniel took my hand and
squeezed it reassuringly. I tried to smile back at him but I knew my smile was wrong. As soon as I saw the torn seats, the
gum covered armrest, the soda can littered carpet and the aroma of cat pee in the air, my stomach churned. I resolved to
lay my sweat shirt over the brown stained seat and wash it as soon as possible. My heart beat quickened as the engine
coughed to life and the plane sauntered to the run way. Captain Trescott cleared the take off with the air traffic
controller. My palms began to get sweaty as the engine choked and sputtered as Trescott revved it. The engine sounded
like silver wear shuffling in a draw. For the second time that morning, I cringed. My panic stricken face was mirrored in
Daniel’s eyes.

“Here we go!” Captain Trescott howled over the roar of the engine. With a uneasy lurch, we cruised down the runway. I
gripped Daniel’s hand and squeezed my eyes shut.

“Please God, please don’t let us hit a building!” I silently begged. I felt the engine accelerate and tip upwards. Before I
knew it, we were in the air. I felt Daniel gently pry my fingers gently off his.

“Sarah. Open your eyes,” He said softly. I shook my head.

“You’ll miss the view of the ocean.” He added. Slowly, I opened my eyes. Daniel knew I loved the ocean. I gasped in
wonder and not terror as I beheld my beloved ocean. The deep blue waters sparkled in the sunlight, just as a crystal
reflects rainbow spectrums when placed in the sun. I could almost taste the salty sea and restrained myself from sticking
my head out of the grungy window. I breathed in while trying to ignore the poignant smell of cat pee. How did a cat get in
here anyway? I watched as a seagull swooped down from the sky and floated on the placid waves. I watched dolphins leap
out of the water in spectacular formation. I soaked it all in.

Not even an hour into our flight from Miami to Bermuda did we begin to descend.

“Captain! Why are we descending?” Daniel shouted to Trescott.

“We‘re losing gas!” Captain Trescott yelled.

“What!” I exclaimed. “What do you mean we’re losing gas?” I shrieked. Trescott turned to give me a toothless grin.

“ We must ‘ave sprung a leak. I just patched it last week, guess it fell off!” He turned around leaving me with my mouth
hanging open.

“When we get to Bermuda I am calling the police on this guy,” I grumbled. Daniel quieted me but I could tell he agreed. A
few minutes later, I heard the Captain fumbling with the radio and cursing his controllers.

“Um… Captain? What’s wrong?” Daniel asked hesitantly.

“Damn radio won’t work an’ all my controllers an’ all my navigational instruments are goin’ haywire. Hmm… interesting,”
He trailed off.

“But pardon me Captain, but isn’t that a bad thing?” Daniel persisted.

“Yup. An’ the fact that I barely have enough gas to get us to Bermuda means that we’re going down. Besides, I don’t even
know where Bermuda is because of my whacked out instruments,” Trescott said frankly. I stared at him horrified.

“We’re going down?” I repeated blankly. The Captain turned around.

“Yuppers little lady, we’re a gunna crash right smack dab in the Bermuda Triangle. Ironic ain’t it?” He grinned.

“I suggest y’all put on yer life preservers and start screaming.” Captain Trescott added as the plane took a nose dive
forward. While Daniel was busy pulling out dusty life jackets from under the grungy seat, I stared at Trescott in mute
horror. I wanted to hurl something at him. I wanted to wrap my fingers around his fat neck and squeeze all the sleazy red
neck life out of him. I wanted to kill him.

“What. Do. You. Mean. We. Are. Going. To. Crash. In. The. Ocean?” I asked in a deathly even tone. My hand’s gripped
the gum covered arm rest so I wouldn’t launch myself at him.

“Well, there’s a storm rollin’ in prob’bly messen’ with my instruments and the fact that we’re runnin’ outta gas don’t help


“It’s the Bermuda Triangle, m’am. Stuff like this ‘appens all the time.” Trescott said casually. Fury burned inside of me.
My teeth snapped dangerously and my nostrils flared. Now I really wanted to kill him. Daniel knew that look all too well.
He put a restraining hand on my arm.

“Sarah, calm down. Put your life jacket on. Please,” He said sternly. I faced him furiously.

“Daniel, I don’t understand why you are being so calm in this situation. We are freaking CRASHING OUR PLANE! We
could DIE. I have a freaking right to be freaking out! And it’s all because of that FREAKING IDIOT up there!” I jabbed
my finger in Trescott’s direction. Daniel looked pained. He took my hand in his.

“I know. You were right about this whole thing. But I made you a promise. I promised I wouldn’t let anything happen to
you and I won’t. So please put your life jacket on,” Daniel pleaded. So I did. The plane suddenly lurched forward, sending
us sprawling to the littered floor. Daniel lay protectively over me, shielding me from the soda can debris and the our
impending doom.

“Hold on folks, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!” Trescott shouted. Terror gripped my chest so I couldn’t take in a full breath.
I felt myself screaming as we plunged into the ocean. All I remember before being knocked unconscious, was an irritating
beeping alarm blaring in my ears, the rush of my beloved ocean devouring me and the final squeeze of Daniel’s hand.

Were there birds in heaven? A pelican hovered above me, inspecting me with beady eyes. I opened my eyes and closed
them. Then opened them again. The pelican was real. And so was my pain. I resisted the urge to scream my head off at
my obvious broken leg and arm. I felt something else too. The warmth of the sun’s rays beating upon me.

“What the heck?” I asked bewildered. Slowly I sat up and felt my bleeding head. I was so dizzy that I immediately had to
lay back down and closed my eyes. I used my other senses, I felt the pebbly sand beneath my fingertips and heard the
spray of the sea. I frowned, now I hated the sea. Then I heard my name being called.

“Sarah!” Daniel’s voice called. My heart leapt in my chest. Daniel was alive. I tried to open my eyes but all I saw were
blurred figures rushing towards me. I felt like fainting again I was in so much pain.

“Sarah!” I heard Daniel’s relieved voice scoop me up in his arms. I also heard the infuriating voice of Captain Trescott.

“There ye are m’am! Ya were a startin’ to give us a fright. Ya hurt at all?” He asked.

“Bite me.” I retorted weakly. I felt Daniel’s glare. I also heard other sounds. Other voices. Other people.

“Daniel, we’re not alone are we. What happened?” I asked. A new voice answered for Daniel.

“Your plane was caught in the Triangle. It crashed and was brought to this island in a sea vortex. All the fallen Bermuda
triangle planes and ships land here. You are on Amelia Earhart Island. All the crew of the lost ships and planes reside
here,” The voice said.

“Who are you?” I managed.

“I am Lt. Commander G.W. Worley of the USS Cyclops.” He responded.

“USS Cyclops?” That name sounded so familiar. I racked my brain from my U.S. history class in high school. Suddenly it
clicked. I wanted to throw up when I came to the realization.

“The USS Cyclops sank in 1918.” I said slowly.

“That is correct.” Said the voice of Worley.

“Then why aren’t you dead?” I asked.

“Sarah!” Daniel scolded.

“It’s quite alright Mr. Greene,” Worley said. There is a vortex that takes all ships and planes that cross the Triangle to
this island. During the journey, the planes and ships are damaged as well as the people. But the people are soon repaired.
Your dizzy spell should soon be over as well as your pain.” I did not give him the satisfaction that it was already better.

“Those who perished on the journey do not come back to us. But those who survived, live on this island. It is a fountain
of youth and it supplies us with everything we need in order to survive. Our luggage and cargo eventually washed up.”
Worley said.

“Oh great! I’ll get my tooth brush then!” I said sarcastically.

“We do not die on this island and we can never leave it, no matter how hard we try.” Worley said.

“You mean to say, we are marooned here for our whole lives?” I asked frantically, fearful of spending that long with

“Not just the rest of your life. Forever.” Trescott said.