by Tina Bryant

Just another day in the boring job.  All I do is sit and type. Then the loud speaker sounds, "Ronald
Johnson please come to my office."  My only thought is 'what now'.  did he have more work for the
"Genius" to do, or it is something he needs the "Giant" to move.  "Hey man, what's up!" P-Dawg
exclaimed.  Something you need to know about P-Dawg is the he is a really short guy, but he is built like
an ox.  He thinks he is a rapping prodigy, but he can barely spit rhymes. "Eh, not much. Wonder what
the boss wants this time?" I quickly answered. P-Dawg joked, "Don't' know it's a secret."

Knowing this , spooked me, our boss was a major gossip.  "Son please take a seat, I'll be there in a
second," the boss said as I entered.  Suddenly I see him jump off a ladder looking so tired it made me
feel pain.  "I have noticed your great work for this company," he said as he sat down across from me.  I
just nodded. "It really is great, and I think I know how to repay you." I just sat there puzzled.  No one
every was thanked at the least, let alone given a reward. "I have a cabin I want you to go to for a week.  
You Theodore, Mary and Jane can share it.  I'll even give you paid leave."  All I could manage to speak
out of the enormous shock I was in was, "thank you."

That next morning we left to go up there.  We had to drive up into the Rockies. Just like our boss said
everyone went.  P-Dawg (aka Theodore), was driving us in his Escalade.  I think I was the only one
dressed right for a camping trip.  P-Dawg was wearing his "g-clothes" which were all too big for him.  
Jane came looking like Pocahontas with her moccasins and fake lamb skin clothes.  Mary wasn't so bad if
she hadn't worn leather.

"Yo my peeps, we are here." We all piled out of the SUV and looked at the cabin.  It looked really run
down, doors swinging, shingles flapping and plastic over the windows were flowing in the wind.  
Occasionally you would hear howls and screeches.  "Uh I'm so tired," Mary whined. Jane quickly said, "lets
all just go to bed it's already seven, then we can get up early
tomorrow."   "You all goes ahead, my project is what I be doin'," said
P-Dawg.  He has been working on a quicker freezing method for frozen dinners since college.  It was
almost done too. So then we hauled our stuff in and went to bed.

In the middle of the night we all woke up to a bang followed by a shatter.
We all rushed out of our rooms.  "Is everyone alright", I asked.  "Yeah I'm fine," Jane answered. "But
where is P-Dawg and Mary?"  then there was a scream.  It sounded like Mary!  I flew down the steps only
to land in a puddle of ice cold blood.  I seen Mary sobbing and all I could make out of her words were,
"someone ripped, got P-Dawg, pushed him."  I looked and seen the hose on P-Dawg's NO2 tank was cut
and I seen a giant ice cube with his head in it.  I puked at the sight.  We all quickly cleaned up the mess
and sat at the table.  Through the after smell of Nitrogen and the stench of rotting flesh, I could smell
lavender.  I looked over and seen P-Dawg's hat.
It was what smelled of lavender.

"Who has something that smells like lavender?"

"Well, I had lotion," said Mary.

"Yeah, I borrowed some, why?" asked Jane.

"Cause P-Dawg's hat has it all over it."

"Yeah, he and I were joking around and I took it from him", she explained.

Later that day we searched the woods for something that could have killed him.  "I'll stay with you
Johnson," Mary said as she grabbed my arm.  Jane glared and stated, "Well I'll look over here."  Mary and
I left Jane and started searching, we came to a rock and decided to split up.  "It could expand our
search" I explained to her.  She reluctantly agreed.  Then twenty minutes later I heard a scream and a
howl.  I caught up to Mary and knew that Jane was in trouble.  We ran to a pit and seen the gruesome
Jane was in the pit, coved with snakes and being eaten alive by wolves.  
Mary and I both fell to our knees and cried.  As our delirium faded, I picked up a locket off the ground.  
It was the locket Jane gave Mary two years ago.

When we returned to the house, I instantly cornered Mary.

"You killed them," I muttered.
"You're crazy, there were our friends, I could never...
"Yet, you did and you know it!"
"It was for us, that awful thing you call a best friend held you back.  He also like me and that would never
have worked.  Jane saddened me a little.  
We were best friends, but I can't have competition.  The best part of all is I set this whole trip up, and it
only took a year to get my father to agree.
You know my father, your boss?"
"I hate you and I am going to kill you!" I exclaimed.

I ran at her and as I did she pulled out a gun.  BANG! She shot me!  The pain was excruciating, I played
dead, but I was still alive.  Then I looked up and Mary as she laid down a note and shot herself in the
head.  The note read, 'I killed them all, for me and Johnson.'
The Cabin of Dread