Dressed for Murder
Terri Ann Armstrong

The park was illuminated by the rows of lanterns that ran down the sides of the concrete path, weaving
through dozens of trees.

Ashley was trying to get away; away from the countless problems that faced her at home. Nothing happened
as she planned and it felt as if her whole life was falling down around her ears.

Knowing she’d never be a model—she was only five feet tall—didn’t stop her from dreaming about walking down
the runway in Milan showing off the latest fashions of the season.

She would model her clothes in front of the full-length mirror that hung on the inside of her closet door. She
knew she was beautiful and always felt it should have been enough that her features were flawless; who cares
that she wasn’t five foot seven?

She never realized the lustful feelings he harbored about her or her body. Tonight she would discover him,
following her through the park. He knew full well what she would do for him; she would do as he

After walking for twenty minutes, Ashley decided to sit on the bench that was at the end of the sidewalk. She
never heard him come up behind her…

Hours later, she woke up inside a rather large, old hut-type building that was deep inside the park. It used to
be an old pump house years ago that supplied the water to the many water fountains in the park.

Trying to clear her head, she struggled to focus on the figure that stood approximately ten feet in front of her.
He was leaning against the far wall and through the darkness that hovered over the room, she could see him

“Who are you? What do you want?”

Disguising his voice with a dark tone, he said, “Who I am doesn’t matter.”

Continuing to try and focus, Ashley felt fear rise up inside her stomach. She was sure she was about to taste
her dinner for the second time that night. She could hear laughter coming from her captor; it was evil and dark
causing her dread to churn faster.

She waited for him to speak again…nothing. Looking around, she could barely see anything. The only light was
from the moon. It shined through the many cracks in the walls and narrow slits between long boards lined up
together like wooden soldiers.

“Where am I?”

“Oh, that’s right; you’ve never been here before.”

“No, I haven’t!” she barked rather smugly.

“Perhaps not, but you will never forget this place when we’re through.”

“Mind sharing where we are?”

“You, Ashley…are at my mercy.”

The terror now enflamed her insides and she shook all over.

“Do I know you?”

“It does not matter; I know you.”

She didn’t realize it was possible, but hearing him pronounce every syllable made her even more afraid.

“What do you plan on doing with me?”

“I haven’t completely decided yet. I do have a preliminary plan; one thing I’m positive about. As for what
happens afterward, I’ve not yet concluded.”

Feeling a bit of anger rear up, she said, “Let’s get on with it so I can leave.”

He just stood there, watching her. She was magnificent. Not one single flaw…for now. Her alabaster skin, her
perfect figure and her long, luxurious hair…the hair he wanted desperately to feel against his skin made him
hard. He could feel his want lick the inside of his zipper and he was afraid he’d lose control before the time

Turning his nose up, he could smell the scent of her perfume as it mixed with the rotting wood and must inside
the small enclosure. It was intoxicating. He detected another scent without a name. He felt sure it was her
panic oozing from every pore. Closing his eyes and through clenched teeth, he sucked the air in, tickling his
tongue as if tasting the fear. It lit the fuse of his pulsating lust and he exploded.

She could hear moans of animal satisfaction escape his throat and she wretched where she sat.

Pushing away his sick want took everything he had. He would have her, he knew it, but only when the time
was right.

Regaining his composure, he spoke again in his fierce, dark tone.

“Look in the far corner in front of you to the right.”

She turned her gaze toward the direction he commanded and could barely make out what looked like a rack of
clothing. Because of the darkness she wasn’t completely sure, but thought it looked like bathing suits and

“What about it?” she asked.

“You, my love, are going to get your shot at being a model…for me.”

“That’s what you think!”

Angrily, he growled, “That’s what I know!”

“Go to hell, you sick bastard! I’m not modeling that shit or anything else for you! I’d rather die!”

He was instantly captivated by her defiance and again he could feel his loins quiver. Pushing it away, he
wanted to wait. He would devour her, but only when he deemed the time was right.

Turning on a flashlight that was facing the direction of the floor, she watched as he shined it on the blade of a
very large, butcher knife.

With an evil smile she could actually hear in his voice, he said, “Make no mistake, Ashley, my dear…that can be
arranged.” Taking a deep audible breath, he continued, “Now, get up and put something on.”

“You want me to undress and dress right here in front of you? Are you high?”

“Only from your tenacity and beauty. Now do it!”

Folding her arms across her chest, she said, “I won’t!”

With rage in his heart, he took aim and threw a smaller knife, barely missing her head and sticking in the wall.
The darkness wasn’t so thick that she couldn’t see the knife that pierced the wood, inches from her skull.

Without missing a beat, he said, “I have excellent control…in everything. I could have easily invaded your flesh
with that knife. Don’t push me, Ashley. I am short on patience and long on want. You have no choice.”

Knowing she was—for the moment—beat; she relented, stood up and walked toward the clothes rack.

Looking through the hanging garments, she couldn’t get the shine on the blade of his butcher knife from her
mind. It didn’t really matter who was holding it, that knife had gone from a chicken de-boner to a deadly
weapon, and it was all for her.

He was growing impatient, he growled, “Put something on!”

“I don’t know what to chose,” she said, her voice quivering.

“Put on the bikini…now!”

Shaking hard, she found the bikini and held it in her hands. How am I going to dress in front of this freak? He
actually expects me to undress right here! I wish Kevin was here, he’d save me.

Kevin was her step-father. He and his son Joshua came to live with her and her mother once they were
married. Kevin protected her from everything and everyone who hurt her just like a father should. He made her
feel loved and very safe.

Not knowing what to do next, she could feel the tears start.

“Please,” she begged, “please don’t make me do this.”

“I have no sympathy for you. Now put the bikini on.”

Whispering, she said, “Kevin, please come and find me.”

“What did you say?” he bellowed.


“Answer me!”

“I was just wishing my father would come and save me.”

“No one is going to save you. Not your father or anyone else. Remember the knife? Get dressed!”

Crying hard now, she slowly undressed to put the bikini on. Watching her, in all her nakedness, he grunted as
his lust for her swallowed him again. With his pants threatening to burst open, his aching need immediately
found its escape. With a satisfied moan, oozing from his lips, he watched with palms sweating.

Longing to touch her, he thought about what her skin would feel like beneath his fingertips. Again, his body
ached to touch her, to make her his own. As difficult as it was, he stopped himself…it wasn’t time yet.

When she was done, he said, “Come to the center of the room.”  

She could hear something scraping against the floor and it scared her.

Once she got to the middle of the room, he said, “Stop! Stand right there.”

She did as she was told and without warning, the flashlight again went on. Now it was being used as a
spotlight. He climbed atop an a-frame stepladder and held the flashlight downward to illuminate her in all her

Still unable to see who was doing this to her, she stood perfectly still, afraid of the knife she could see on the
step above the one he was standing on.
“Turn around in a circle,” he commanded.

Shaking like a leaf, she did as he said. As she did, a plan formed in her mind from out of nowhere. Taking in
everything she could see, now that there was a ‘spotlight’ shining down, she felt sure she knew where the door
was. She only hoped it wasn’t locked or her plan wouldn’t mean a thing. No one’s going to save me, but me.
Here goes nothin’.

Once she was back facing the ladder, she lunged, knocking it over with him and the knife. Running for the door,
she was thrilled to find it unlocked.

As fast as her legs would carry her, she ran. Through the park, weaving in, out and around the trees that
seemed to jump into her path, she made her way to nowhere. She was disoriented, but felt sure as long as she
ran, she would survive.

Looking over her shoulder, she could see a figure chasing her. Faster and faster she ran, branches hitting her in
the face and arms.

In the far distance she could see the lights from the park that illuminates the paths. In her mind she was
screaming, help! Help me! I need to reach the lights!

Just then, the figure lunged and caught her ankles causing her to fall to the ground with a hard thud, knocking
the wind from her.

Struggling, she tried to escape his grasp, but it was too tight. She could feel the blade of the knife pierce her
as he still had it in one of his hands. Pulling her closer and closer toward him, she tried to kick herself free, but

Finally, he was on top of her. She could smell his putrid breath panting and it sickened her.

“Get off of me!” she screamed.

Clamping his hand over her mouth, she bit him as hard as she could. Pulling his hand away as if it touched fire,
he backhanded her hard across her mouth.

As he raised the knife to plunge it into her,
she screamed, “Joshua!”