By Angela Alsaleem
The wheels of Richard’s gurney squeaked as the nurse rolled him down the hall. Nurse Claire was how he thought of her. A bitch, just
as sadistic as himself; sweet. He knew where she was taking him and giggled. He’d longed for a woman like her all his life. Head held in
place with thick leather straps, the buckle digging into his forehead, he gazed up at her breasts, pert against the thick cotton of her black
scrubs. Always black. Though, around Christmas she sometimes wore something more festive, like black with wreaths patterned over it.
Her badge reflected the overhead fluorescents as they squeaked along.
She pushed open the door at the end of the hall with the foot of the gurney. The door also squealed. Everything here needs to be
greased, he thought, including Nurse Claire. He could see the cold, gray walls around him, some of them stone, some of them just
painted sheetrock, but dark gray, like a dungeon. In the new room, a machine buzzed in the corner. He knew that buzz and his giggle
turned into a laugh.
“Bite down on this,” Nurse Claire said as she shoved a leather strap between his teeth. “I don’t want you biting off your tongue.”
Now that sounded thrilling. If he strained his eyes to the right, he could just see her round bottom as she worked with her back to him.
He had the nerve to shock it. That was why he was here now. One little zap; that’s all it took. And now for a taste of his own medicine.
“Maybe this will teach you how to behave,” she said, licking her grinning lips.
She placed a metal cap over the top of his head, not needing to remove the strap as she did so. She fastened the cap under his chin and
then turned toward the buzzing machine. Alive, he thought. The machine is alive.  
Nurse Claire twisted a dial on the machine. Beautiful electricity arced his body, made him twist into his straps as he jerked about,
swaying with the current flowing through him. Pain beyond anything he ever imagined surged through him again and again. He couldn’t
even scream. As Richard bit into the leather strap in his mouth, he finally felt alive once again.
As a child, Richard loved to drag his feet as he scooted across carpet to zap his unsuspecting victims.
“Owe!” they’d always scream, rubbing the spot where he’d managed to shock them.  
“I am Zeus, god of thunder and lightning,” he’d holler as he ran off, giggling like a mad man.  
‘Brat,’ they’d yell back when he was a kid. ‘Jerk,’ they yelled when he became a teenager. ‘Asshole,’ one of his girlfriends called him in
college. He never got bored with shocking people, but the tiny blue arc he’d get from the static electricity didn’t thrill him as much as it
used to.  
And people no longer thought him funny. They used to laugh. Now, whenever he came into a room, people avoided him and made
sure not to touch him or get too close knowing what he was capable of doing, what he probably would do if given an opportunity. Only
one person remained his friend after all these years. Tom, his buddy, his reason for not simply destroying all those who’d rejected him.
It was just a joke, after all. And it’s not like he was hurting anyone.  Not really. A little static never killed anyone.  
“They fear me, now,” he said to himself as he left the party he’d crashed.
Since his best friend was throwing the party, he assumed he was invited, assumed he didn’t need an invitation. Tom seemed happy to
see him when he arrived with a six-pack of beer under each arm.  
But then Tom’s girlfriend turned to him and hissed, “You said he wasn’t coming. You promised.” She glared at Tom.
Tom looked from Richard and back to Alex, mouth working, but no sound coming out.  
“Hey, Alex,” Richard said, putting on his most charming of charming smiles and leaning toward her. “It’s okay…”
“Get away from me!” she snarled as she side stepped, wrinkling her nose like she smelled something rotten. “You’re such a freak.”
Then she turned to Tom who still hadn’t said anything. “If he shocks me, you’ll never have this again,” and she pointed to her crotch.  
“Buddy, can I talk to you,” Tom said.  
Richard followed him out the front door. He couldn’t help but notice that instead of taking him into another room, Tom had taken him
outside…and not out back where people were partying, but out front. They were alone. Tom was ushering him down the walkway,
toward the road. Richard waited for the explanation.
“Who told you about the party?”
He looked upset, worried, conflicted. His face contorted while it tried to smile. Richard had never seen Tom like this.
“I don’t know. I just heard about it, I guess.”          
This was a lie. Their mutual friend, Frank-the-skank bounded up to him and asked what time Tom’s party started because he didn’t
want to miss out on any of the pussy action. Richard told him eight o’clock even though he hadn’t known Tom was throwing a party.
Typically they planned these things together; oversight, for sure. He knew he need only arrive. But, apparently this wasn’t the case.
“Hey, dude, I’m sorry. It’s just, well, you know how Alex is.”
“It’s okay,” Richard said; another lie. He saw people wincing when Tom took his arm to take him outside, already prepping for the
inevitable shock that didn’t come. They all moved back, eyeing him, watching the finger on his right hand, his favorite weapon.  
As Richard walked away, Tom called one more time, “I’m sorry.”
Richard couldn’t respond. His best friend, the guy who—since high school—thought this one practical joke particularly funny, feared
him. So what, he shocked people; big deal.  
“But they are scared,” he mused.
For the first time since he was a child, he felt the spark of a great idea pop in his head. He smiled, knowing what he had to do.  
Nurse Claire cranked up the power. The pain intensified.
“You like to shock?” he heard Nurse Claire yell over the loud humming. Lights flickered all around him. “Here’s my form of
shocking,” she said.
Her laughter jarred through him.  
A little electricity was a good thing; just a joke and sometimes a lesson. Yes. He was getting his lesson; just like he gave everyone else a
“I am Zeus,” he’d said under his breath that night as he walked home, alone, the two six-packs weighing down his arms the way his lost
relationship with Tom weighed on his nerve. “I am the god of thunder and lightning.”  
In the room he rented from an elderly woman, he pulled a Taser gun from under his bed.
“So, I’m a freak,” he said. “And if she gets shocked, he won’t get any more of what she’s been giving him.”  
He left his room ignoring the old lady’s greeting on his way out of the house.  
He stomped into the cold dark back toward Tom’s fraternity house.
“The jerk thinks he’s better than me, does he? Just ‘cause he has a girlfriend and a fraternity to belong to, just ‘cause he has other
people, he thinks he’s better? He isn’t shit. I’ll show him. I’ll show him how quickly they ditch him when something bad happens. They
don’t like him the way I do. They aren’t his real friends. And now that he has other friends, he thinks he can just get rid of me? He
doesn’t know. Doesn’t know I’m his only real friend. They all use him; laugh at him behind his back.”
He didn’t feel the tears streaming down his face as he marched on, repeating his monologue over and over again.
Pain receded as Nurse Claire turned the dial counter clockwise. Foamy spittle slicked the side of his face. Smoke curled from Richard’s
hair as his eyes lolled back in his head. Grinning, Nurse Claire removed the leather strap from between his teeth.  
“There now, little baby. Have we learned our lesson?”
Somehow, he managed to croak, “Yes.”
“And you’ll never shock me again, will you,” she cooed, stroking his head, leaning over him.  
She was leaning just right. Richard felt her hard nipple through her cotton shirt as it brushed against the fleshy part of his thumb. No
bra, no bra, no bra, his mind screamed and his hand reacted before he even thought about what he was doing. It turned palm up, the
fingers stretched like tentacles pinched the warm flesh hovering just above the straps. No Bra!  Triumph. He grinned.  
“Hey,” she screamed and stood. “Fucker!”
She spat in his face, hustled around the gurney and turned the knob clockwise, hard. Once again, his body arced in pain, beautiful,
electric pain.
He stood outside the frat house. Several people lurched around the front yard, red plastic cups in their hands, booze and beer sloshing
“Hey, you’re not supposed to be here,” one of them slurred as he marched toward the house.
Without saying a word, he drove the Taser into the man’s gut and pulled the trigger. The man’s body jolted; his beer went flying. It all
happened so fast, but Richard felt a rush unlike any other; much better than mere static. And he didn’t have to wait long for a charge.
The man who tried to stop him fell to the ground and twitched once. When someone ran to help him, a small blue arc zapped the
helper. Richard giggled; two for the price of one.
He let himself inside. After all, he’d once been welcome here. No one paid any attention to him as he hunted for the bitch…and he’d
find her, too.  
Outside, out back, next to the pool, Alex and Tom kissed in a lounge chair. Tom would be getting some of what she had to give him
soon enough, Richard thought. He’d be getting a whole lot of what she had to give him. What Tom didn’t know was that it would be
coming from Richard first. No one said anything as he approached the couple entwined on the lounge.
Full charge; in one motion, he plunged the Taser into Alex’s back and pulled the trigger. He watched as blue arced from their lips,
giving them both a jolt. Again, it was over too fast. The Taser knocked them both unconscious. He giggled and zapped them again,
enjoying the hum, the zap, the jolt of their bodies. With static, he might get lucky enough to make a spark. This was much better.
“Hey!” Someone yelled from the pool.
The pool.  
He turned and put the metal prongs of the Taser gun into the water. They scrambled, but not fast enough. He hit the water with a jolt,
zapping them all at once. That’s when people started screaming…and running. Several people were on their cell phones calling the
Laughing, he ran through the party, chasing people like a horrible game of freeze tag, zapping anyone he managed to catch up to.  
Then the police arrived. And they had their own Taser gun. His grin plastered to his face making him look like a crazed clown, he
turned toward them and ran, Taser gun held in front of him, ready to zap anyone who got in his way. They would all pay; they had to.
They weren’t Tom’s real friends and they would pay for making Tom reject him, for laughing at him, for calling him a freak.
The officer in front shot his Taser gun from a distance. Richard had seen these before, but hadn’t been able to obtain one. The one he
had was all he could get. But this…wow! Pain unlike anything he’d felt before meeting Nurse Claire and shocking her ass surged
through him as two prongs flew through the air, plunged into his flesh and pumped electricity into his body attached to the Taser gun
by wires. He jerked and flopped on the ground, never losing his grin.
They’d beaten him at his own game. The world left him then. When he awoke, he was in jail. After a lengthy hearing, they convicted
him of aggravated assault, but instead of sending him to jail, he got sent to the wonderful Sanitarium with its drab walls and beautiful
nurse. They would help him, they said. He was in a new program designed for people just like him. Soon, they would make him normal,
like everyone else, and he could be back in the world he loved.
And then Nurse Claire came along with her oh-so-shockable ass. He couldn’t help himself, but had scooted his feet over the floor,
generating his favorite weapon, stuck out his finger and ZAP! He’d ended up on a gurney wheeled to this room.
And the second time around, she didn’t replace the leather strap. When he bit through his tongue, he felt his body’s heat gush over his
chin and down his throat, though this was far away, removed from the pain surging through every fiber of his being. Then he couldn’t
breathe. Blood gurgled down his throat making his breath rattle, sputter and then stop.  
Nurse Claire turned the dial counter clockwise once again, stopping the flow of pain, stopping the lesson.
“Oopsy,” she said when she saw the blood, her tone that of sweet innocence. “Looks like I forgot your little strap.”
He could hear her as he tried to breathe, but couldn’t respond. Her voice, her image began to fade into darkness. And then she
removed his bindings and rolled him onto his side.  She slammed his back with the heal of her palm. Further and further away, he
drifted. She placed her sweet lips over his and breathed into him. Her air filled his lungs.  
After a few moments of CPR, she brought him back, got him to cough up the blood. She grinned as she did this, no sign of panic on
her face. As she stuffed his mouth with gauze, she laughed.
“Now, I think you’ve learned your lesson,” she said as she wheeled him from the room, the screech, screech of the wheels echoing
down the halls. “No more shocky for you.”
When he looked up, though, he could see her breasts swaying, braless under her shirt. He grinned knowing this wouldn’t be the last time
he’d need to be taught a lesson.
“I am Zeus,” he croaked, still smiling.