Tim Hammond is man with green eyes and brown hair. He is five foot nine inches tall, and he wears a suit
to work everyday. On a hot, muggy day early in the morning around eight thirty, it was turning into fall.
Tim realized that after only working one month at his new job, that he lost a quarter of his paycheck. He’
s been working as a salesman for an industrial company, which sells products advertised on television.
He sells vacuum cleaners, workout machines, and cleaning products. He makes thirteen dollars per hour,
but lately his paycheck would show that he is only making seven dollars an hour.
Tim just got home after riding his motorcycle through the Smokey Mountain roads of North Carolina in
the pouring rain. He had no helmet when he pulled up to his only to be yelled at by Sue, his wife, for
wearing wet leather and jeans.
Tim unwrapped a soaking wet bundle of twenty dollar bills. He discovered that he did not have enough
money to pay for his bills.. He called his work immediately to check his paycheck with his boss. It came
out clean. He lost a quarter of his paycheck. This angered Tim!
The next day at work, walked to get on the transit because the industry where he works in so large.
Suddenly a fellow employee, who looked be in his early twenties and had blonde hair, noticed a hobo
creep out into the walkway. The hobo was stealing money out of Tim’s wallet.. He didn’t notice this so
his fellow employee yelled at him, “Hey dirt bag, get off, that’s his.” Tim turned around and picked up the
hobo by his tattered jacket. “What’s your name?” Time asked the hobo. He didn’t reply, but he had eyes
like those of a frightened fish. The hobo hesitated, “My name Toby.”
“Hey Toby that’s not yours, so I suggest you keep off my damn wallet”, Tim yelled at the frightened
hobo. Then Tim slammed him into a dumpster, knocking the man unconscious.
“Hey thanks man”, said Tim to his employee
“No problem. The name’s Eliot.” Eliot told Tim staring at the unconscious hobo.”
Tim picked up his wallet and went off to work.
Later that day when Tim arrived at his house and checked his wallet to see if his money was still there.
Tim rushed back to is car enraged.  When he got into his car he noticed the car was sagging to the left
side. Tim got out and noticed his left tires were slashed. Tim burst into curse words. He ran back into his
house and into his bedroom to get the keys to his motorcycle, when suddenly his doorbell rang.
“Honey get the door.” Tim called to his wife Sue, but there was no answer.
“Are you there Sue?” No answer.
Tim paused then went downstairs to check his blinds to see who was there.
It was his neighbor Eliot waiting outside with a flashlight. Tim went around answering the door. When he
got there nobody was there. Tim squinted his eyes and looked down. It was the sleeping body of the
hobo Toby laying curled up in a ball at his front door step. At this time Tim had a confused face and
went to close the door when suddenly the hobo came running after him with a switchblade knife. Tim
closed Toby’s hand inside the door, and then slammed the door hard three times before Toby released
his hand. Tim locked the door and called 911.
The hobo started prancing around Tim’s front yard, screaming and mumbling, holding his hand because
he was in pain.
“Hello! Is this an emergency?” a woman answered the phone.
“Yes! A crazy hobo is running around my front yard with a knife.” exclaimed Tim.
The woman replied in a calming voice, “We are sending help right now. Please stay where you are.”
Just then the hobo burst through the front window. He pulled a tin can out of his jacket and threw it at
Tim. Tim picked up the can, and gave it a weird look. Just then the hobo charged at him with a knife. Tim
ran upstairs and locked himself inside of his bathroom.
Five minutes later a police officer arrived and proceeded to the front door. Looking inside, the police
officer asked, “Is everything all right?” The hobo mumbled loudly, “Its Toby.” The officer replied, “May I
come in?” Tim yelled back from inside of the bathroom, “He is crazy.” The officer proceeded through the
broken window. He saw a biscuit laying on the floor. Toby said, “That my biscuit.” The officer asked, “Sir
where are you?”
The hobo leaped off of the top step toward the officer. The officer pulled out his tazer and shot the
crazed homeless man, who was lying on top of him.
“Blah! Awh! Whaack!” the hobo screamed.
The officer arrested Toby, and dragged him into the police cruiser.
Tim’s wife Sue pulled into the driveway. She was puzzled. Why are these people at my house? The
officer asked her who she was. Sue responded, “I’m Tim’s wife. What’s going on?”
“It appears that there is someone else inside of the house” said the police officer. So he went back into
the house.
“Is he gone?” Tim yelled from the bathroom.
At that moment the police officer opened the door and turned on the light. “Yes everything is under
control. The burglar is in my car," he replied.
Elliot came to the house, “Hey Tim. Are you alright?"
“You…” Tim said to Elliot, “Why did you?”
Elliot replied, “He was helpless. I couldn’t leave him for ransom.” Elliot was attempting to pull something
out of him pocket when Tim punched him in the face.
“Tim it’s your money”, said Elliot, as he was bleeding from the nose.
The officer and Sue stood there in complete confusion.  
Tim said, “Oh sorry Elliot. I thought you were on Toby’s side.”
“Well, yes and no”, Elliot explained, “Toby’s real name is Jerry Plancenski. We came up with the idea to
get back at you, but I didn’t mean for it to turn out like this at all.”
“Well I guess this is settled then. Now am I right?” asked the officer.
“Yes thanks a lot officer”, Tim replied.
The officer responded, “He will be going to a good place for psychos.”
Elliot said to Tim, “Hey Tim, I live next door. Maybe we should hang out some time.”
From there on Elliot and Tim where best friends. Tim received full payment for all of the money that was
stolen and Toby was placed in a psychiatric ward.
Hobo Gone Mad
by Sean Hannold