Lizzy Shrieked as the blood ran down the side of the hotel wall.  
She then saw her idol slumped over on a blood soaked pillow.  “This has to be a nightmare” she thought
to herself.  So she quickly ran down to the lobby to get help.  Lizzy works as a maid at the Palm Springs
hotel.  She knew her favorite band, the Black List was staying at the Palm and never in her wildest
dreams could he imagine finding her very own idol, the lead singer of the
Black List – dead!  
Lizzy raced down to her manager and detailed what she had just seen.  After explaining it all to him she
felt it urgent to call her best friend Maria and tell her the horrible news.  Maria loves the Black List almost
as much as Lizzy.  Lizzy tried calling Maria but there was no answer.  She left Maria 5 voicemails.  
Soon the police arrived and Lizzy was required to give her all the information she had including a
reenactment of what happened.  Lizzy dreaded the thought of seeing the scene of the accident again but
the police needed her help.  As the police arrived Lizzy was questioned about many things but the one
thing that Lizzy wondered but did not know was, where were the 4 other band members?   One of the
officers asked Lizzy if she had searched the entire suite and her reply was “no”.  She had only walked
right to the first bedroom and then ran directly out.   The police rushed right by Lizzy and headed
straight for the TV room with Lizzy following right behind.  There they found the rest of the band
members.  They were all doubled over and unconscious.  Medics rushed in an assessed each person and
determined that they all required further medical attention but they did not seem to be fatally injured.  
Lizzy entered the room where she found the lead singer, Dez.  She quickly noticed a bright gold earring
lying next to Dez.  It had blood all over it, but somehow it seemed so familiar.  Soon she forgot about
the earring and kept looking around.  She noticed cards scattered around and a strong smell of perfume,
the same kind the Vegas show girls wore.  She mentioned this information to the police but they quickly
shot the idea down saying that plenty of women wear that perfume.  Lizzy agreed thinking that even her
friend Maria liked to wear that perfume too.
The police decided go knocking door to door near the hotel rooms to see if anyone had any information.  
Then Lizzy remembered Maria had won tickets to have dinner with the Black List and a few other local
bands because she worked at a radio station, so maybe she would have an idea of what could have
happened.  Lizzy quickly informed the police where she would be and took off.  As she was leaving she
heard talk of card dealers being responsible for the death and poisoning of the band.  
Lizzy raced to Maria’s Las Vegas ranch.  When she arrived, Maria was just pulling in the driveway.  Lizzy
ran out of her car, but Maria did not look happy.  In fact, she looked sick.  “Maria, are you okay?  Did you
hear the news?”  “Um, no….hey Lizzy, I really can’t talk right now” Maria said quickly as she locked up her
car.  “Why not?  Maria, this is very important. Dez is dead, I found him and…” before Lizzy could finish
Maria jumped in “Yeah, well that’s horrible, I’ll talk to you later.”  Right then Lizzy noticed that Maria’s ear
was bleeding badly.  “Maria! What happened to your ear?”  Lizzy reached to pull back Maria’s hair to take
a look and Maria stepped away.  “Lizzy No!  I’ve got to go now, bye!”  
This was not like Maria at all.  Lizzy couldn’t help but feel she was hiding something, but her mind filled
with the sight of a dead Dez and a sick band.  Before getting back into her car Lizzy took a peek into
Maria’s car window.  She saw what appeared to be Maria’s favorite cardigan with red stuff all over it.  
Lizzy gasped, was it blood?  Lizzy got in her car and started driving back to the Palm Spring hotel.  Her
mind was spinning with Maria’s suspiciousness.  How could her best friend, someone who loves Black
List, and who just had dinner with them, be responsible for all this?  When Lizzy arrived at the hotel she
received a call from her manager.
“Lizzy, can you please get here immediately?”  “Sure!”  Lizzy replied.  If she wasn’t already upset, now
she cold feel her heart racing.  Why did they want me?  I did nothing wrong.  She rushed to the front
desk and there 10 police filled the lobby and there stood Lizzy’s manager.
“Lizzy? Do you know this woman?  Lizzy looked down at her feet, then took a deep breath.  The woman
in the picture was in fact, Maria.  Tears filled up in her eyes as she replied “yes”.  It all made sense and
the earring in the room wasn’t a forgotten memory now, it was clear, it was Maria’s earring and the
perfume was Maria’s too.

The cops explained that Maria gave in quickly when they showed up at her house.  Maria later explained
to the judge that she always had a burning flame of hatred towards the Black List since they denied her
access back stage and let Lizzy in.  She saw the dinner as a way to get back.  The dinner was rigged
since Maria works at the radio station so that she would win.  At first Maria’s plan was just to poison the
band leaving all 5 paralyzed for a few hours, but Dez realized what was going on and wondered why they
even invited her back to the room, he pushed her and she put up a fight that led into his room.
Where Maria then killed him with her stiletto.  She was lucky though because the witnesses were all
passed out.  She fled the scene leaving her strong scent, the cards from the casino down the road, and
her earring.  Lizzy didn’t want to believe what happened but it all was too real when she attended Dez’s
funeral with his 4 band mates.  
Years have passed and Maria is still in jail for her crimes.  Lizzy lives a normal lice in her Las Vegas
mansion but will always be filled with the horrible memories of the murder scene and her former best
The Palm Spring Massacre
by Tracie Taylor