It was a cold rainy day in Virginia.  Chloe decided to take a ride down the road to pick up some food.  As
she approached her car, she felt a funny quiver through her body almost like something or somebody
had jumped into her body.  She opened her car door slowly and climbed in.  As she was pulling out of
the driveway, her nose started to burn really bad.  She looked in the mirror to see what was wrong with
her nose.  As Chloe looked into the mirror, she could have sworn something blue was coming out of her
nose.  She blinked a couple of times in disbelief. Chloe continued to drive down the road until she arrived
at Caesar Pizza place.  As she was getting out of her car, she thought she felt someone grab her hand.  
She started telling herself that she is only tired and that her mind is playing silly tricks on her.  Chloe
went into Caesars and ordered a small pizza to go.  As she was standing there talking to the girl who
was taking her order, the girls skin started turning blue and pieces of her skin were falling off an hitting
the counter.  Chloe started to panic and turned around to run for the door.  As she grabbed the door
knob, it started to turn blue and then crumbled to the floor.  At this point, Chloe know that she was
locked into the Caesar pizza place with no way of escaping this blue substance.  Chloe started to scream
very loud at this point in hopes that someone would rescue her but no such luck.  Chloe started towards
the window.  She figured maybe she could bust it out and escape out of it.  No luck! As she looked out,
she noticed several blue people coming towards the building.  She knew there was no way past them if
she went outside, so instead, she went running to the bathroom and locked herself in there.  She figured
they could not possibly get in there.  Although, she soon found out that she was quite wrong.  She
started seeing a blue puddle underneath the bathroom door.  Chloe started to breath very hard.  How
could this blue thing possibly get under a door? Could it possibly go anywhere? She started moving more
closely to the toilet and she slowly started putting the toilet lid down.  As she was doing that, she
noticed some blue blobs leaking down the side of the toilet.  How could this be? She looked up towards
the roof.  There was a little window.  Chloe wondered if she could climb up there and escape this blue
thing.  She pulled a crate over to the window and took the stick of the toilet plunger and hit it extremely
hard against the window.  The window shattered into many pieces.  As she was climbing out the window,
she noticed that the glass pieces had blue blobs on them too.  As she looked around outside, she
noticed something glittering in the woods.  Chloe knew she had to get through the forest and towards a
police station (or someone that could help her).  As she started walking into the woods, she heard some
calling out her name.  Chloe, Chloe, over her Chloe.  The voice sounded so familiar to her like her ex-
boyfriend.  Although, how could this be possible because he had passed away two years ago from a rare
form of cancer.  She continued walking. Something threw a rock at her and it hit her right in the
stomach.  Chloe began to double over in pain.  Now, this blue blog is throwing stuff at her.  What could
it possibly want from her? All Chloe know was that something wanted to scare her to death and possibly
even kill her.  She continued running through the forest even faster.  The blue blob kept gaining on her.  
Chloe noticed further ahead a shining light.  Could this be somebody’s home? Boy, I hope so! She
continued to run faster and faster.  When she finally got close enough to the light, she noticed a very
nice cabin.  She walked up onto the porch and knocked.  It seemed like somebody had been there not
too long ago.  Chloe knocked on the door once again.  No one answered, so she decided to try the door
knob.  The door knob slowly cranked opened.  
The fire place was still burning with fresh wood.  She started into the kitchen when all of a sudden Chloe
heard a loud slam.  The sound of the loud slam made her jump in terror.  Was somebody in the house?
As she turned around, she saw a blue blob.  This time the blue blob looked half human and half alien.  
What could this weird looking blue thing be? As she turned to go through the other door into another
room, a hand touched her arm.  It sent chills down her spine.  She felt a whish of cold air come across
her.  Chloe turned to see what touched her arm.  It was one of the blue blobs.  Unfortunately, this blue
blob looked like her boyfriend Brady who had passed away from cancer.  How could it possibly be him?
She figured at this point she should talk to him and try to understand what was going on.  Hi Brady, she
said.  What are you doing here?  Brady said, I miss you Chloe.  I told you I would be back for you.  He
said this as he reached out to grab her hand.  She slowly reached out to grab his hand too.  Then she
felt this zap of electricity in her body.  What was happening to her body, she wondered? Brady said,
Chloe come with me, we still have a long journey yet to go together. Chloe slowly pulled back her hand
again.  She knew something was wrong with this picture.  She turned around and went running into the
next room.  I got to get out of her, Chloe said.  Frighten and scared to death, she want for the front
door knob, her hand turned blue and the knob would not turn at all for her.  Oh! God! I cant be trapped
in here, Chloe said.  What a nightmare!!! She could not deal with the thought of being trapped in this
cabin with a blue blob saying he is Brady.  At this point, she becomes panicky and desperate so Chloe
decides she is going to bust a window out to get out of this place.  She runs towards a spare bedroom
and slams the door behind her and locks it.  Then she takes a chair and throws it through the window.  
The glass shatters all over the place.  Then she climbs out of the window.  Chloe starts to run back
through the woods.  Then all of a sudden everything goes dark on her.  Two weeks later, Chloe wakes in
a hospital bed.  Her mother, father and her best friends Star are standing over her bed looking at her.  
Chloe finally awakes out of a deep coma but she has no idea what had happened to her.  She starts to
ask her parents and Star what happened.  Everybody starts to get tears to their eyes.  What is wrong,
Chloe said.  Her parents tell her to rest and get well and they will tell her later what happened.  Chloe
tries to rest but she cant.  In the back of her mind, she knows something bad happened to her but
what.  Her doctor and nurse come in to check on her.  They tell her that she has a concussion.  She asks
them where she got a concussion from and they said an accident.  Tears start to fill her eyes once again.  
She blurts out, what kind of accident? The doctor and nurse tell her t hat she was in a very bad car
accident and was thrown from the car.  Who was driving, she asks.  She noticed her parents and Star by
her hospital bedroom door.  The doctor said your boyfriend was driving.  Chloe eyes got as big as
soccers.  She said, this cannot be possible because he died of cancer.  At this point, she could not
understand what was going on.  The nurse told her that she has had some memory loss from the
accident and probably doesn’t really ever remember what happened.  Just then, Chloe starts to scream
terribly loud.  Please get out everybody! Everybody leaves the room.  She decides to try to sleep.  Her
heart is pounding very rapidly.  What really happened to me? I have no acknowledgement.  How could
that be? Slowly, she falls asleep.  The next day was another strange day.  She wakes up to everybody
talking about her again.  She cant help to wonder why everything is such a big secret.  The doctor comes
in to see her.  Chloe, we are thinking about releasing you today if all your tests and blood work come
back negative.  I will be back to let you know everything.  Chloe walked over to her closet and pulled out
her clothes which were covered with dried up blood and torn to pieces.  As Chloe turned around to
return back to her bed, she became extremely dizzy and almost fell over.  Her ears started to ring really
loudly.  What is wrong with me now?  Just then, she passed out and hit her head off the bed rail.  A
passing nurse came in to help her.  The nurse started screaming for the doctor.  He came running in to
see what was happening.  Chloe what happened, he said.  She started to come to.  I don’t know what
happened.  I just felt real dizzy.  Doctor (Chris) decided to send Chloe for another MRI.  When Chloe
came back from her test, Dr. Chris was waiting for her.  He decided to talk to Chloe about her test
results.  He told her everything is negative other than a mild concession which was starting to heal so he
decided to  release Chloe.  He prescribed some anxiety medicine such as Xanax to relieve her anxiety.  
Then he recommended a psychologist to see for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  Chloe looked at the
doctor like he was nuts and then got off the bed and started to walk to the bathroom to get dressed.  
Her parents and Star waited for her outside by the car to pick her up and take her home.  Chloe was
brought down by wheelchair to them.  The nurse helped Chloe get into the car.  Her mom drove off with
her.  They headed home to Chloe’s house.  On the way home, Chloe started to get a strange cold feeling
when they were driving past the area that Chloe was involved in her accident.  All of a sudden, she
started seeing flashes of the accident.  Then she saw a blue blob appear.  Was this blue blob the cause
of her accident? She really wondered.  As she was riding a long, she started to feel really weak.  She was
beginning to wonder if she was alive.  Maybe she actually died in the car accident too.  All of a sudden
they started to pass a cemetery.  Her mother broke into tears and started to cry hysterically.  They
pulled into the cemetery and parked their car.  Everybody got out of the car.  Chloe discovered that her
skin was turning blue.  As she got out of the car, she noticed Brady appeared beside her.  Chloe and
Brady followed her parents to the place where the tombstones were.  When her parents and Star
stopped walking, Chloe tried to read the tombstone.  The tombstone read may you both rest in peace.  
Brady and Chloe moved closer to read the names on the tombstone.  They soon discovered that their
names were curved on there.  Chloe started to cry terribly.  She looked over at Brady and said, did we
really die in this car accident and he said yes.  As she looked at Brady she discovered that her and him
were reflecting blue in the sunlight.  As they both stood there watching everybody mourn for them,
something blue and blob like came out of the earth and grabbed Chloe and Brady and sucked them back
into the earth.  Chloe’s parent and Star both cried during the ceremony and then they departed to the
car.  They were talking about Chloe and Brady.  Everybody was saying may they rest in peace once and
for all.  Just then the blue blog laughed!  Now, Chloe and Brady must move on to the next couples that
were to die in a car accident.  All of a sudden, the earth shock once and that was it.  Chloe and Brady
were never seen there again but other people in other areas claimed that they saw the blue blob of Chloe
and Brady before a terrible accident occurred.  Almost like a forewarning.  
Strange Blue Blog
by: Elaine Chernicky-Fuller