Ted DeKker
May 2010
Author of the Month
The suspense/thriller genre is a very difficult one to crack, without moving into more horror to
get the desired effect the writer is looking for.  Ted Dekker however is one of not only leave
you up all night to finish, but also because you are scared to death.  His previous book “The
BoneMan’s Daughter” was a huge success, so he had the pressure on with his latest book.  The
good news is that Ted delivered another bestseller and his fans will flock to the store to grab this
one.  He has been called “The Master of Suspense” while starting his career writing fantasy
books.  His popularity is growing with every suspense/thriller book written and has to now be
considered one of the top writers in the world today.  It was great that he took some time out
of his busy schedule to give us an interview.  I have to say that Ted was one of the best
interviews we have ever had, so I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Suspense Magazine (S.MAG.): Your villain in the “The Bride Collector” was very well written,
did you think of him first and write the story around him?

Ted Dekker (T.D.): No, but I did want to create a villain whose philosophy of life was very sympathetic. One
that we could all identify with and who in many ways represented truth. And, as such, he’s a sympathetic
character. So, the story is as much about him as it is the other characters and we spend a lot of time in his mind.

S.MAG.: Parts of the “The Bride Collector” were very scary, what scares you?

T.D.: Situations don’t scare me as much as loss. Like the loss of a child or the loss of my wife. Loss of life and
dignity. I’m not so much afraid of seeing a boogie man come out of the closet as I am imagining what that boogie
man might do to my world. Those imaginations are fleshed out in my books, which are a safe way to examine the
“what ifs” of life.

S.MAG.: Did you do any “on site” research for this book?

T.D.: I spent time with a psychiatric professional who specializes in the criminally insane. And I read many books
on mental illness, the most fascinating of which was The Center Will Not Hold by Elyn Saks. But if we’re
honest, all of us are a bit upside-down deep inside and finding that part of me and putting it on the page was what
this book was about.

S.MAG.: What can your fans expect from you in the near future?

T.D.: I write in two genres. One is mystery thrillers like “Bride Collector” and the other is fantasy, which are also
thrillers. You’ll see one of each coming from me each year. This year, for the first time in paperback mass market,
readers will be able to buy “Adam” and “Thr3e”, both psychological thrillers and my next hardcover thriller will
be “The Priest’s Graveyard”, which comes out April 2011.

S.MAG.: What is the worst job you have ever had?

T.D.: Working road construction in Northern Canada, picking rocks off the side of the road for two months,
seven days a week, twelve hours a day. Suffice it to say, I lived in hell for two months and hated every moment and
survived to become a man, a warrior, a slayer of many beasts. Well, slayer of rocks at least. But in my mind, every
one was a beast.

We would like to thank Ted for this interview.  We encourage all of our readers to pick up “The
Bride Collector” and enter the world of Ted Dekker, because once you do, you won’t want to