One Night at Broadway Video

written by:

Luanne Sabourin

She was working late that evening
At the local video store.
She had about an hour to go
‘Til she could close and lock the door.

She was waiting on a lady
When the store’s phone began to ring.
She answered, “Broadway Video,”
But the caller said not a thing.

She hung the phone up with a frown,
And then continued with the sale.
The customer would later say
That her face seemed a little pale.

About ten minutes had gone by
When, yet again, she heard the phone.
She had to run to answer it
‘Cause she was working all alone.

When she picked up the receiver,
A sudden chill ran up her spine.
She could hear somebody breathing,
But no one’s voice came on the line.

About a half an hour went by,
Then the ringing began again.
She had just begun a new account
For an extremely nice young man.

This gentleman would later say
That when he heard her take the call,
She loudly said, “Stop calling me!”
And then her tears began to fall.

The young man said that, when he left,
He saw her quickly lock the door.
And he thought he heard her saying,
“I’m not taking this anymore!”

She turned on the alarm and left,
And then swiftly got in her car.
She hit the gas and drove away,
But she didn’t get very far.
For then, she heard her cell phone ring
From where it lay inside her purse.
She knew then, in that brief second,
That things had gone from bad to worse.

She never saw the stranger’s face,
She only saw the flashing knife.
The killer came from her back seat,
And sliced away her precious life.

The sheriff, on the news that night,
Said that the killer was quite neat,
And not a shred of evidence
Was to be found on either seat.

The police found her boyfriend’s body.
It had been stuffed inside her trunk.
He was there, among the beer cans,
The antifreeze, and other junk.

The reporters said the murders
Were the strangest they’d seen in years.
The papers said that the killer
Had even taken souvenirs.

She was my husband’s final fling,
And my hatred for them lingers.
I may have left them both behind,
But I took their little fingers.