Suspense presents:  
Deborah Sharp
Deborah Sharp is a former USA Today reporter.  We contacted Deborah because of her upcoming
Mama does Time, to be released by Midnight Ink in October 2008.  The first email we
received Deborah said her characters are like, Agatha Christie meets "My name is Earl."  After we got
done laughing, we had to get her on the site.  Deborah also has a sequel to Mama does Time coming
out in the Summer of 2009 titled
Mama rides Shotgun. Here is a brief Bio on Deborah Sharp:

Like her main character, Mace Bauer, Deborah is a Florida native. And, as with Mace, Deborah’s
mama drives her crazy sometimes. But, at least so far, Deborah’s never bailed her mom’s butt out
of jail or snatched her from the jaws of a ‘gator. Of course, her mom is only ninety, and you never
know what the future may bring.
A journalist for more than twenty years, mostly with USA Today newspaper, Deborah traveled in
Florida and throughout the south covering news. Her stories spanned the spectrum: Hurricanes,
wildfires, tornadoes, terrorism, shark attacks, presidential elections, Cuban exiles, Haitian
immigrants, soldiers killed in battle in Iraq and Afghanistan.
For Deborah, writing fiction, getting a chance to punish the bad and reward the good, is a relief after
so many years of covering the often tragic outcomes of stories that make news.
Since making the transition from journalism, Deborah has written short stories and essays for
several national publications. Her humorous radio commentaries can be heard on WUSF-FM, the
National Public Radio station in Tampa, Fla.
She lives in southern Florida with her husband of twenty years, NBC reporter Kerry Sanders.

Deborah Sharp is a former USA Today reporter who decided at
age fifty she’d had enough of journalism’s relentless reality. She
left the news biz to write mysteries, figuring she’d finally get a say
in how her stories turn out.
The debut in her funny, Florida-set series is MAMA DOES TIME
(Midnight Ink, Oct. 2008). The second book, MAMA RIDES
SHOTGUN, is out in Summer 2009.
Deborah calls her books traditional mysteries with a comic edge:
Agatha Christie meets ''My Name is Earl.''
Mama is a true Southern woman with impeccable manners,
sherbet-hued pantsuits and four previous husbands. She serves
sweet tea and sidesteps alligator attacks with equal aplomb. Her
antics drive her daughters Mace, Maddie and Marty to distraction.
While Mace is settling in one night to watch for ex-boyfriends on
COPS, she gets a frantic call. This time Mama’s trouble is for real.
She’s found a body in the trunk of her turquoise convertible, and
the police think she’s the killer. It doesn’t help that the handsome
detective assigned to the case seems determined to prove Mama’s
guilt, or that the cowboy who broke Mace’s heart shows up at the
local Booze ‘n’ Breeze in the midst of the investigation. Before
their mama lands in prison – just like an embarrassing lyric from a
country-western song -- the sisters must find the real culprit.
MAMA DOES TIME is penned by a native Floridian, set in cattle-and-
citrus country. This debut in the “Mace Bauer Mysteries’’ reveals an
authentic slice of the state. Everyone knows Disney World and
sexy South Beach. But how many know Florida’s ranches, rodeo
and Southern-fried flavor, just fifty mile from the coast?  
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