CHAPTER ONE

I felt the cross cry out to me, the sad echo of a faded white phantom. Pulling over on the side of the road, I
studied the cross. Although I had traveled this quiet country road several times over the last few weeks, I had
never noticed it before tonight.

Like a ghost ship emerging from the fog of an angry sea, the cross was revealed to me. But why now? What did
it mean? I prayed asking the Lord if this was a random event, or if it had some kind of relevance to my mission
this night. My answer came by way of streaking lightning and furious thunder.

I got out of my van and crossed the road, hot rain striking my face. Once close enough to the cross I bent
down before it. A chill swept down my spine as I reached out and felt the slick wood.

I immediately understood why the spilled blood that inspired the cross’s placement drew me to it. This night I
was to hunt and kill a horrible monster, a man that took sick pleasure in the torture and deaths of numerous
young women. This monster’s victims numbered twenty-three. Only one woman had ever escaped. And from
that night to this night – a span of nearly three years – her escape was marked by this wooden cross.

Images of the woman flooded my mind. I saw her face, felt her pain and her fear. I saw her running for her life;
cut and bleeding, the life pouring out of her. I felt her consciousness fading away until her car splintered into a
million pieces as it struck the tree. The tree that now serves as the foundation for the white cross.

The monster’s eighth victim may not have died at his hands, but she died because of his influence. As deadly as
a knife into the heart or a bullet to the brain, the panic, the injury, the pain, and his torment of her – it was the
cause of her death. She died because of him. Ironically, she was the lucky one. Twenty-two died by way of
mutilation and butchery.

Tonight the monster planned to slaughter his twenty-fourth victim. Tonight I planned to save her from that fate
by killing him.

I said a prayer over the dead woman’s marker. I prayed for each woman that died at his hands. The blood of
each victim screamed out for vengeance. Tonight they would have it. Justice had yet to find the monster.
Tonight it would.

Tonight I would make sure that he never killed again.

                                                      CHAPTER TWO

There are purely evil people living among the righteous; people who do evil things for the sake of evil itself.
There are people who cause pain and misery to others because serving and satisfying evil is their purpose.
Without exception such evil people serve the purposes of the Dark Lord. They may not directly worship Satan,
but they further his purpose – that is, to bring chaos and deception into the world.

But, for every action there is a reaction. The world becomes imbalanced because the righteous are victimized
and oppressed by evil. I believe that I am the instrument that God uses to balance injustice.

For the past three weeks I have seen the events of this night unfold in my dreams. I have seen the monster
kidnap, torture, and kill a beautiful young girl; a girl who does not deserve such a horrible fate.

Through my dreams I have learned the identity of the monster and the location where he lives and operates. I
have learned the time schedule that he planned for this night. I know what he hopes to do – and, I know how
to stop him.

Earlier this evening, at the same time that the monster was loading the back of his truck with the unconscious
body of his victim, I began to prepare myself. As with every other past mission, my routine never falters.

I started with prayer. I prayed that God give me strength to successfully save the innocent. That God would
keep me safe from evil. And that God would always remain near to me. Next I tied my hair back and began what
I have come to call my moving mediation. I dress in all black and arm myself with only a revolver and a bowie
knife. During that time I am completely focused on my mission.

I immerse myself in the seriousness of the battle I am about to engage in. It is just one more battle in the war
between good and evil, and evil will ultimately lose regardless of what I do, but I would hate to have failure
associated with my efforts. Not so much for my own ego’s sake, but more importantly because a life hangs in
the balance.

This night, as I completed my preparation and meditation by putting on my oilskin duster and hat, I thought of
nothing else but the innocent young girl that would suffer if I did not save her. Through my dreams I felt her
terror and heard her pleas for help. I knew of the constant prayers her faith allowed her. She continued to trust
that God would help her. I was how He planed to help.

The rain had let up and the full moon began to show from behind the streaking thunderclouds. Less than a mile
from the cross I came up to the monster’s driveway.

It was time.

                                                      CHAPTER THREE

With the van lights blacked-out I pulled into the long gravel driveway. The house was about a hundred yards
removed from the road. Massive oak trees, manicured shrubs and perennials, along with a redwood cattle fence
lined the driveway. I pulled up to the house and parked. I wasn’t worried about being discovered, I knew that
my prey was occupied.

I got out of the van and began to walk around the house. Just as the life of this psychotic was a ruse, the
outward appearance a clever disguise to hide the true nature of the evil underneath, the large two story house
fit that mold. It was a two story country-style rambler, multi-color brick lining the bottom quarter of the house
giving way to shingle siding painted a warm shade of yellow, complete with white decorative trim. It was
perfectly maintained; a beautiful picture of what an ideal country home should be like.

Coming around to the back of the house I headed for the barn. The humidity weighed on me and I realized that
the night was unusually still. It was as if all of creation held its breath in anticipation.

At the entrance into the barn I stepped inside and began walking to the rear of the structure. The smell of wet
hay, leather, and animal waste assaulted my senses. Most light seemed to be sucked into vast, deep shadows.
There was an exception: The last horse stall at the far end of the barn. From that point soft light emanated.

The horses made quiet noises as I walked past. I came upon the last stall and found a trap door in the floor
that was partially open. Stacked next to the door I saw several two-by-four boards and a pile of hay. A
covering to hide the trap door. Neatly folded clothes were placed on the top of the boards.

They were woman’s clothes.

They were her clothes.

Carefully I took hold of the trap door and pulled it open. I worried that the door might squeak and give away my
presence. The Lord was with me though, as the door opened silently.

Leading down from the trap door was a metal flight of stairs. I stood still, trying to sense the location and
movement of the people in the room below. After a moment I felt that there were two people in the room, but I
could not see anything from where I was. I had to descend.

I stayed low and moved slow. About half way down the stairs I stopped. I could now see into most of the room.
I saw the monster preparing his victim.

                                                    CHAPTER FOUR

The room had been constructed with obvious care and meticulous craftsmanship. It was about fifteen feet wide
by thirty feet long. The entire room – all walls, floors, and ceilings – were covered with ivory white tile. At the
far end of the room there were metal mechanics cabinets and tool drawers. Several banks of florescent lights
hung close to the ceiling. In the middle of the floor there was a large drain with a water facet on the far wall.
No doubt for the ease of washing blood out of the room.

Past the bottom of the stairs I saw the girl. She was crying and naked, strapped to a chair. But, this was no
ordinary chair. It was specifically built for the purpose of torture. The chair forced the occupant to sit straight
up, almost standing. Wide, flat rails were the arms and legs of this chair, so that the victim’s arms and legs
could be strapped down and spread apart at the same time.

The monster walked to an area of the room that I could not easily see. He soon returned, pushing an auto
mechanic’s tool chest. After he positioned the tool chest beside the chair he opened the bottom drawer. The
monster began to take off all of his clothes, neatly folding them as he placed them inside.

He was a large man, probably around six feet four inches tall and two hundred eighty pounds. He was a good
two inches taller than me and outweighed my by fifty pounds. Even though he had allowed himself to go to fat,
I could tell that he was incredibly strong. He was frightening to his victim’s, a powerful man against the weak -
but, he was no match for me.

Once naked the monster stroked the girl’s hair. Her crying turned to sobbing. From the top of the tool chest he
removed something leather. Light gleamed off of all the stainless steel that was hidden beneath the leather
covering – except it was not a cover, but a large leather apron that he put on.

The monster whispered something to the girl. He tried to lift her chin up, but she moved her head away. The
monster slapped the girl and forced her head up. From the top of his tool chest he took a wad of steel wool and
forced it into her mouth. He wrapped her mouth with duct tape. He laughed and then spoke loud enough that I
could hear him.

“My dear, I have such fun planned for us.”

Tears ran down her face and she began to hyperventilate.

“I am sorry for having to gag you, but I felt it necessary. Oh, please do not get the wrong impression; there is
no one around for miles.” The monster laughed. “You could have screamed at the top of your lungs and I would
not be worried about us being discovered. It’s just that I find screaming quite distracting.”

The monster retrieved a scalpel from the tool chest. He held it up close to her eyes.

“Just because I don’t want to hear you scream doesn’t mean I don’t want your participation. You see – oh, and
you will see – I want you to see everything that I do to you. That is why I will begin our special night together
by cutting off your eyelids.”

The monster moved the scalpel toward her.

“Don’t worry, my dear, the blood won’t cloud your vision too long. I will superglue your wounds shut. I want you
to have an unobstructed view as I take my time cutting you apart.”

The monster held her head back, the scalpel ready to cut. I was already moving down the stairs.

                                                     CHAPTER FIVE

From the bottom of the stairs I rushed him. Shocked, the monster turned just as I launched into him. I hit him
with my shoulder and sent him flying across the room.

Full of rage, the monster got up. He reached into a pocket on the front of his apron and pulled out a large knife.
He came at me, slashing straight down. I ducked under the knife and bobbed to my left. I drove a right leg
roundhouse kick deep into the side of his chest. The steel-toe of my boot cracked numerous ribs.

In the blink of an eye I struck him with a right straight punch, a left cross, and a right hook. He stumbled back
just as I shuffled toward him, connecting with a side kick to his chest that sent him crashing into the wall.

The monster collapsed to the floor. I walked over to him and pulled him up of the floor by his neck. I took
several steps and then threw him across the room.

Quickly I went to the torture chair. I took the tape off of the girl’s face and pulled the steel wool out of her
mouth. I took her face in my hands and met her eyes with mine.

“Sarah, the Lord God has heard your cries for help. I have been sent here to help you. You will be all right. This
man will not harm you.”

Suddenly a tingle ran down my spine. I spun around drawing my revolver. The monster had gotten up and was
rushing me with the knife. My senses provided me adequate time to react. I shot him before he came within five
feet of me.

The monster’s right shoulder disintegrated into a cloud of blood and hamburger, the force of the bullet knocking
him to the ground. He screamed out in pain.

I turned back to Sarah and holstered my gun. I removed my bowie knife and cut the nylon ties that bound her
to the chair.

“Sarah, listen to me and do exactly as I say. You are safe now. Go up these stairs. Your clothes are next to
the trap door. Pick them up and then go straight to the house. Go in through the back door, it is unlocked, and
into the kitchen. There is a phone in the kitchen. Call the police. Do you understand me?”

Sarah stared at me crying. I wiped away her tears.

“Sarah, please, you will be all right, I promise. Now, do as I say.”

Unbelieving at first, Sarah finally nodded. I helped her off of the chair and over to the stairs. She began to
climb, picking up speed with each steep. At the top of the stairs she looked back at me. I thought I saw the
slightest smile before she disappeared into the darkness.

                                                          CHAPTER SIX

With Sarah now safe I turned my attention back to the monster. He had once again managed to get up off of
the floor. His right arm hung limp, blood gushing from the bullet wound. With his left hand he had reacquired the
knife. Holding it in an ice-pick grip he lunged at me weakly.

I again dodged his attack. I blocked the knife hand with my left hand and circled down in a counterclockwise
motion. I trapped his arm and stretched it out into an arm bar. I drew my bowie knife and slashed upward
cutting deep into his belly through the leather. In a continuous motion I brought the knife down and detached
his left arm at the elbow. The monster fell to the ground screaming more loudly than before.

“Maybe this time you’ll stay down,” I said.

I wiped the blood off of my knife and placed it back into the sheath. The monster writhed across the floor. I
walked over to him and used my boot to turn him over on his back.

“I am so tempted to strap you to your torture chair and let you have a taste of your own medicine. But, I am
not sick like you. It’s not my job to punish you for your sins. Besides, I know that in just a moment you will be
spending eternity in hell. That’s punishment enough.”

I pulled out my revolver and took aim at his skull.

“Enjoy hell, you’ve earned it.”

With that I pulled the trigger and splattered his brains throughout his carefully crafted tile room.