John Lescroart
July 2009 Author of the Month
When you mention "courtroom suspense", John Lescroart should be one of
the first names you think of.  With over 19 books published, John has
seperated himself as one of the top suspense writers today.  His latest book
"A Plague of Secrets" is the 13th book in the Dismas Hardy series.  We
rated this book as one of the best of 2009.  
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In a multiple murder case plagued by lies and
deception, there is one terrible secret that defense
attorney Dismas Hardy is duty-bound to protect.
Even if the price is his client's life.

When Dylan Vogler, the charming manager
of the popular Bay Beans West coffee shop
in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district, is
gunned down near the store, inspectors are
shocked to discover that his knapsack is
overflowing with high-grade marijuana. It
soon becomes clear that San Francisco's
A-list flocked to Bay Beans West for more
than a pricy caffeine fix.   
From John Lescroart's website:

In a very exciting move, New American Library has decided to republish my long out-of-
print first novel, SUNBURN, as a mass market paperback in June of 2009. As many of
you know, this book first came out (in 1982!) as a paperback original with a semi-
pornographic cover. For a book that had won the San Francisco Foundation's Joseph
Henry Jackson Award for best unpublished novel by a California author, this was
somewhat less than desirable—but it was my very first time in print, and that fact made up
for a multitude of sins. Before this latest edition, though, only a very few readers could
find copies of this book, which always sold for several hundred dollars per copy!! Crazy,
but true. And to think that now it will be released in a large print run, with a terrific new
cover, and be readily available to those who have waited so long for it is a great moment.   
Start  the series with "Dead Irish" and
continue on through his latest release "A
Plague of Secrets", and you will see why
Dismas Hardy is one of the most well
written and exciting characters in literature
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collection of Dismas Hardy.
Our exclusive interview John Lescroart:
1.  If you could talk to anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

I’d love to spend an evening talking with Thomas Jefferson.  I’d love to pick his brain about his
thoughts on democracy and government, politics and religion, and touch if I could on how he
reconciled so many of the ambiguities in his life and opinions.  

2.  For readers that are new to you, what book would you suggest they pick up first?

Of course, I’d suggest that they pick up “A Plague of Secrets” in hardback!  But seriously, although
my books are often referred to as the Dismas Hardy and/or Abe Glitsky series, in reality I wrote all
of them as though they were stand-alone books, from which a reader could either go backwards or
forwards.  The first book in the “series,” if you want to meet Dismas and Abe at the start of their
fictional lives together, is “Dead Irish.”  But the first book that combines the tone, themes, and
courtroom backbone of many of these books where Hardy is a working lawyer, is #3 in the series,
“Hard Evidence.”

3.  Looking back at “Dead Irish” (Dismas Hardy’s first book) and your newest book “A
Plague of Secrets”, how much fun is it to see Dismas Hardy evolve?

It has been an endless surprise and really quite a joy.  To see Hardy move from being a bartender and
more or less amateur sleuth in “Dead Irish,” and then have him transformed into first a working stiff
attorney and finally into a successful managing partner of a firm has been one of the great challenges
of these books, but also has served to keep them fresh and interesting (at least to their author).  Also,
it’s not small thing to have followed Diz and his marriage as his wife changes and his kids grow.  It’s
been a terrific ride, and I hope it goes on for a lot more time.

4.  What mystery would you like to solve for yourself?

I’d really like to know, once and for all, who the Zodiak killer was.  Why he stopped killing.  Where he
is now.  I know that there have been lots of theories and several filmed ideas, but the whole idea of
this cerebral publicity hound of a serial killer who’s never been caught and/or brought to trial is still
fascinating to me.

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