Lee Child
November Author of the Month
We are extremely pleased to bring you Lee Child.  "Jack
Reacher" is one of the best characters you will find in any
book series ever!  Lee has to be considered one of the top
suspense/thriller writers of all time.  From his first "Reacher"
Killing Floor to his 12th book, Nothing to Lose, fans
can't get enough.  If you haven't yet read a Lee Child novel,
get out of your cave, get his books and go back into your
cave!  You will be thrilled beyond your expectations.  

See below for the exclusive interview we had with Lee
Child.  It was one of our all-time favorites!   
The line between Hope and Despair was exactly that:
a line, in the road, formed where one town's blacktop
finished and the other's started. When Reacher
crossed that line, it wasn't long before the whole town
knew it. And wanted him gone...fast.
Here are Suspense Magazine's
Five Star selections!!
In a quiet Chicago suburb, a dentist is attacked in his
office and forced into the trunk of his own car. On
a sidewalk downtown, Jack Reacher and an
unknown woman are abducted in broad daylight.
Reacher and the mysterious woman are held hostage
for ransom. With only their wits and a mutual trust,
she and Reacher must escape from a wilderness
prison and the grasp of a man bent on revenge.
Exclusive Interview with Mr. Lee Child!
1) If you could solve one mystery for yourself, what would it be?  (example:
Jack the Ripper, Atlantis)

I don't want to be too academic, but really I would like to know at what point in our anthropological history we invented
storytelling, and why.
That has to be one of the most major - and weirdly counterintuitive - things we ever did.  After developing language as a
coordination tool to help us survive, we started talking about things that hadn't happened to people that didn't exist.  Fascinating.  
My guess is it happened around 100,000 years ago, in the form of parables to empower our weak, hungry, scared forebears
toward survival.

2) Do you have any non-Reacher books coming out in the near future?

No, I'm going to stick to the series.  Like most of us I'm first and foremost a reader, and I try to make decisions based on my
own experiences as a reader.  And I really, really don't like it when a favorite series author comes out with a non-series book.  I
depend on a certain amount of reliability.  Like if I go to Yankee Stadium - they might win, they might lose, but at least I know
I'll be watching baseball, not hockey.

3) If you could talk to any person for one hour, who would it be?

You.  I mean you, that's reading this sentence right now.  Whoever you are.
I like random encounters.

4) What is on your Ipod right now?

An album called "Build" by a trance-dance band called Innocence.  Before that was Led Zeppelin 4.

5) Do you have any superstitions when you write?

One.  I don't like paragraphs to end with just one word on the final line, so will rewrite to avoid it.  Which is absurd, because the
printed book won't have the same layout as my manuscript, so I might be creating the exact problem I'm trying to avoid.

6) Have you started thinking about life after Jack Reacher?

I hope the series lasts a few more years, and then I'm going to retire.
Remember, I'm from Europe, so I don't have a work ethic.  I look forward to having plenty of time for reading.

7) Can you pull out one childhood memory that will last with you forever?

My last year at elementary school, we got a new teacher.  He didn't know us, we didn't know him.  I was pretty good at reading,
writing and arithmetic, but bad at most other things, including art.  But by a sheer fluke my first picture for him came out very
well.  As did the second, by sheer luck.  The third week, he announced a class project and said I was to do the wall art for it.  I
was dying inside.  Like, "They were flukes, man, don't you see that?"  It's a feeling that has stayed with me and is still very strong
every time I start a new book.

8) What is on your Bucket List that you have completed yet?

I have been spectacularly lucky, especially over the last few years.  I can honestly say there isn't a thing left that I really need to
do.  Considering where and when I started out on life, I have been everywhere and done everything, and my closet is crammed
with T-shirts.

9) I see you are a Yankee fan, what changes would you like to see before next season, to help them get to the

I think this season will have supplied the necessary salutary lessons.  With a healthy pitching staff, we'll be fine.

10) What movie from the 1970's is your favorite?

I would say "Jaws."  Partly for the movie, of course, partly for the sense that Spielberg was a huge new talent, plus I remember it
as the end of an era, really - I saw the movie in a full-size, 2000-seat picture house, smoky, every spot taken, everyone paying
rapt attention ... nothing like 2000 people screaming as one at every shock.  By contrast the last movie I saw had 11 people in a
theater the width of an airplane cabin.