Lisa Gardner
September 2009 Author of the Month
Lisa Gardner has put together quite a resume.  She is one of
the leading authors in mystery / suspense today.  Her latest
release "
The Neighbor" shows us why she is simply
outstanding.  This is her 11th release and probably one of her
best.  She continues to advance her story telling with every
book.  We will have her interview up shortly.  We encourage
everyone to make sure Lisa is on your must have reading list!
This is what happened…

It was a case guaranteed to spark a media feeding frenzy—a young mother,
blond and pretty, disappears without a trace from her South Boston home,
leaving behind her four-year-old daughter as the only witness and her handsome,
secretive husband as the prime suspect.

In the last six hours…

But from the moment Detective Sergeant D. D. Warren arrives at the Joneses’
snug little bungalow, she senses something off about the picture of wholesome
normality the couple worked so hard to create. On the surface, Jason and Sandra
Jones are like any other hardworking young couple raising a four-year-old child.
But it is just under the surface that things grew murkier.

Of the world as I knew it….

With the clock ticking on the life of a missing woman and the media firestorm
building, Jason Jones seems more intent on destroying evidence and isolating his
daughter than on searching for his “beloved” wife. Is the perfect husband trying
to hide his guilt—or just trying to hide? And will the only witness to the crime be
the killer’s next victim?
Say Goodbye:

Now pregnant, FBI Special Agent Kimberly
Quincy takes on the most dangerous case of
her career, involving half a dozen missing
prostitutes, two kidnapped children, one
lying informant, and a villain who is
obsessed with spiders.  Get ready to be very,
very scared...
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HIDE taps into our most intense fears in
this terrifying new suspense thriller that pits
two detectives against a killer who seems to
have returned from the dead. No use
locking the doors or turning on the lights,
this time there's no place to.

Rainie has been kidnapped, and Quincy,
Kimberly and Mac must race against the
clock to rescue her.

It's where you're most vulnerable…
It's where there's no one to hear you cry for
It's the last place you want to be when this
killer comes…