Lisa Scottoline
June 2009 Author of the Month
Lisa Scottoline is the author of 16 books, including her latest release "Look
Again".  Her books land on all the bestseller lists, because of her fantastic
storytelling and character development.  Her ability to keep you turning pages is
again shown in our
5 Star rating of her current release "Look Again".  The
summer reading time is upon us and Lisa Scottoline should be in your beach bag at
all times!
Chapter One excerpt:

Ellen Gleeson was unlocking her front door when something in the
mail caught her attention. It was a white card with photos of missing
children, and one of the little boys looked oddly like her son. She
eyed the photo as she twisted her key in the lock, but the
mechanism was jammed, probably because of the cold. Snow
encrusted SUVs and swingsets, and the night sky was the color of
frozen blueberries.

Ellen couldn't stop looking at the white card, which read HAVE
YOU SEEN THIS CHILD? The resemblance between the boy in
the photo and her son was uncanny. They had the same wide-set
eyes, smallish nose, and lopsided grin. Maybe it was the lighting on
the porch. Her fixture had one of those bulbs that was supposed to
repel bugs but only colored them yellow. She held the photo closer,
but came to the same conclusion. The boys could have been twins.

Weird, Ellen thought. Her son didn't have a twin. She had adopted
him as an only child.  
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Our exclusive interview with Lisa Scottoline
1.  How did you celebrate your first book being published?

I celebrate every book being published because I'm a big fan of celebrating everything.  In fact, I
celebrate every book published because I love books.
Most of my celebrations involve carbohydrates.  Birthday cake should be its own food group.

2.  Do you have any superstitions when you write?

I'm a superstitious creature but I don't have about writing, which is probably good because I need
it to pay my bills. However, before I do like to clean my office completely before I start a new
book, but that doesn't count as a superstition only to prevent a health hazard.  Also, my dogs start
to complain.

3.  Which book would you recommend a first time reader of yours start with?

I work hard at the craft of writing and I try to improve.  There is a saying that writing is like a
muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets, and I'm a believer.  So I like to recommend my
most recent book which is "

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