Stuart Woods
June 2008 Author of the Month
New York-Times-bestseller Stuart Woods returns with a
dynamic thriller starring take-no-prisoners attorney Ed Eagle.

In this new thriller featuring the colorful Santa Fe trial
lawyer, Ed Eagle finds the tables turned when he testifies
as a witness for the prosecution in the trial of his ex-wife,
Barbara Eagle, who has been a very, very bad girl.

The trial ends in a way Ed had not anticipated, and Barbara
is still in a position to make his life and that of others, a
living hell.

With private detectives, hit men, double crosses and billion-
dollar-bank accounts involved, Ed calls in every favor and
follows every lead, no matter where they take him. From the
posh resorts of desert California and the lush wine country
of Napa, to the New Mexico high country and the seedy
hotels of Tijuana, Ed Eagle won’t rest until he’s discovered
the truth about what Barbara is up to - and settled the

Santa Fe Dead, Stuart Woods once again proves he’s
the master of an unstoppably good read.
Released April
21st, 2008
With over 35 published books, Stuart Woods is
one of the all-time masters of suspense.  
Stone Barrington, Will Lee, Holly Barker, Rick
Barron, and Ed Eagle are Mr. Woods 5 main
Click here for a complete list of all
Mr. Woods books.  Any of them you pick up
won't disappoint.  
With Mr. Woods newest release, he was busy
on tour that we were unable to sit down with
an interview.  But Stuart does have an
extensive interview on his site, to view it