Each year, Suspense Magazine receives thousands of short stories and around twenty-five hundred books to
consider. The sheer volume of items to review makes it impossible for us to read everything, but each is given
ample consideration. All short stories are reviewed and considered for the magazine and the contest unless
otherwise noted by the author or unless they do not meet our specific guidelines for story submission. Suspense
Magazine does not respond back to every short story author, there simply is no time to do so. Every year our short
story contest winners are announced in March in the magazine and on our Radio show www.blogtalkradio.

If you submit a book to be reviewed, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a review.  There is a queue and
therefore we will try and read them in order, but there no promises yours will make it to the top of the pile. One of
the biggest reasons that some are unable to get the attention they deserve is the books-to-be-read vs. the
overwhelming receipt ratio. Suspense Magazine only has a certain number of reviewers and we can’t read every
book that is sent. For those that are read, it must be stated again that we will never send or post a negative review.
If we feel that a book is not the best quality, we will let you or your publisher know that we simply can’t offer a review.
Negativity serves no one. If you have any questions about our review policy that is not answered here or below, you
can email us at editor@suspensemagazine.com.

Where to send books:
Suspense Magazine
26500 Agoura Rd. #102-474
Calabasas, CA 91302

All books are placed in a queue for review, but again, not all books will be reviewed. To save us time, we require you
to include with the submission your full contact information, including email address so we contact you if your book is
one of those reviewed.

If you are interested in being a reviewer all you need to do is send in samples of your work (previous reviews and
the like) to
reviews@suspensemagazine.com and put on the subject line “Review Sample” (the subject is very
important so it doesn’t get sent to another department) and explain in your email that you would like to become a
reviewer. If selected, we will then take you through the final steps.

We review all formats, e-books, hard covers, paperbacks and mass market. If you are sending an e-book, please
send it in PDF form or the link to where we can get it. We are able to take all formats for e-books.

In conclusion, being a reviewer is some of the most rewarding work a writer/reader can do. You get the opportunity
to read someone’s work first. If you like what you see, you can become an integral part of helping them get a leg up
in the literary world just by writing a positive review that might move a person to pick up a book they may have
ordinarily ignored.

Thank you.
Submission/Review Policy