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Lis Wiehl
While home on Christmas holiday, a 17-year-old Senate page
takes her dog out for a walk and never returns. Reporter
Cassidy Shaw is the first to break the story. The media
firestorm that ensues quickly ensnares Federal Prosecutor
Allison Pierce and FBI Special Agent Nicole Hedge… who
just happen to be Cassidy’s best friends. It appears the young
page was romantically involved with a senator–a senator now
under suspicion for her disappearance.

As time begins to run out for the missing girl, Allison, Cassidy
and Nicole fight to locate her before it’s too late, even while
each fights her own personal battles–a stalker, single
motherhood and an abusive relationship.
Lis Wiehl is one of those "diamond in the rough" suspense writers.  We got a
copy of her book "Face of Betrayal" and we were hooked.  We didn't know
who she was, but knew we had to get in touch with her.  Little did we know
that she is the  Fox News legal analyst and the sparring partner of Bill
O'Reilly.  Her professional resume is very long and very impressive.  We are
pleased that she made the jump into suspense and can see her on the bestseller
list very soon.  Below you will see the interview she did with us.

For more information on Lis, check out her official website and order the
1.  What is your all-time favorite book or author, not yours, and why?

The diary of anne frank...I read it when I was a pre teenager, and found it haunting...I still do.

2.  Have you been able to use your real life experiences and put them into your books?

Yes, many of the scenes in the book are taken from real life expereinces...I just change the names to protect the guilty.

3.  If you could solve any mystery for yourself, what would it be?

How my son can now be driving when he was a toddler 15 minutes ago?!

4.  Was it a difficult transition for you, writing "non-fiction" books and then tackling, crime-suspense fiction?

Not really...non fiction requires endnotes and footnotes for everything whereas w fiction your imagination is the only limitation...

5.  What is on your bucket list that you still have to complete?

Watch my kids graduate and get married; travel the world in 180 days; hit number one on the New York Times bestseller list
(can you make that happen please! )

6.  Have you thought of having "The Triple Threat Club" chase a real life suspect, ie:  Charles Manson, Ted Bundy.

Yes, in the book I'm working on now in the series, the protagonists are chasing a real life character...again, changing the names to
protect the guilty...

7.  If you could sit down with one person for an hour and interview them, being able to get any answers from them,
who would it be?

My danish grandparents...I would have so many questions to ask them now that I didn't know to ask when I was younger and
they were alive.
Exclusive interview with Lis Wiehl