• 10 Million readers of suspense / thriller fiction in the United States
  • Demographics:
  • Ages
       - 15 - 24   15%                        Median Age 41 yrs. old
                 - 25 - 49   50%
                 - 50 plus   35%
  • Female -  57%
  • Male - 43%
  • 70% College Graduates
  • 90% Employed
  • $65,000 Average Median Household Income
  • $14.5 billion sold in 2008 for fiction books.  70% of all NY Times bestselling
    authors are in the suspense / thriller / mystery genre.
  • Circulation
  • Subscriptions, Electronic, Newsstands, Barnes and Noble, Borders,
    Hudson Group, Grocery Stores, Target, Wal-Mart,, and
    other affiliate magazine websites.
Media Kit - rev 04
  Suspense Magazine is going past the normal literary magazine that just prints
stories.  We are becoming the insider source for everything that is suspense/thriller/
mystery/horror.  We bring the reader closer to the author by interviewing them in a way
that shows more of their personal side.  We have been able to interview many of the top
bestselling authors of all time and continue to reach out to bring them all in one place.  
Our goal does not stop there however, we are looking to help the "new" author, the one
that people don't know to give them a platform to showcase their writing.  We also go
behind the scenes with movie producers, actors and directors.  We have begun to
reach out to the European market and will continue to stretch out to all corners of globe,
again bringing the suspense/thriller world in one place.  

All back issues are currently available in electronic form. Please email requests for
copies to The latest edition is available for immediate
view by clicking on the current month image.

We have taken
Suspense Magazine on the road to different events and conferences, to
better enhance our magazine.  We have started a radio station, Suspense Radio, where
you will hear different short stories, interviews with the authors, audio book clips and
other top story productions.  
2010 Editorial Calendar - subject to change                                                     

In every issue:
- Bestselling author features
- New author interviews
- Stories
- Ask your writing coach
- The art of crafting a short story
- Creating a book club
- Truth or Legend series
- Featured Artist
- Book Reviews
- Movie Reviews
- Event Calendar

January - New Year / 2010 Preview
We will preview the upcoming year with the top releases and some books that you have
not heard of.  This is the issue to pick up for what is coming in 2010.  

February  - Crimes of Passion (a look at Romantic Suspense)
We will feature bestselling and lesser known authors that write Romantic Suspense.  
Other stories and features will focus on Romantic Suspense.

March - Writing Contest Winners Edition
We will feature the winning stories of the 2009 Suspense Magazine Writing Contest.  All
the winning stories will be published and we will start previewing the 2010 writing

April - International Suspense / Thriller Writers
This issue will be dedicated to all authors outside the United States.  This is our issue
to reach out to the international community and focus on those writers.  It will
emphasize the European and Canadian Markets.  

May - Crime Suspense / True Crime
We will have a special guest bestselling author talking about True Crime.  We will also
focus on the authors that specialize in this specific genre of suspense / thriller writing.

June - Summer Reading
We will preview the best summer reads.  This will focus on the fast paced books that
you just can't put down.  Great for sitting on the beach or next to the pool.

July - Historical Suspense Thrillers
We will take a closer look at the authors that write in this genre.  Dan Brown, Steve
Berry, Clive Cussler, just to name a few.  Going back in time to see the future is what
we will focus on here.  

August - Mystery Month (who dun it?)
From Agatha Christie up to  the present, we will put the "M" back in mystery.  Want to
know who is the best mystery writer of today, check it out because we won't give
anything away until now!

September - New Author Month - Debut Books
We will look at which new authors have the best debut books.  This gives the reader a
chance to discover the next great writer and the author a great base to get their story
out there.

October - Horror
The month of horror will feature all that is horror.  From movies to books to stories and
everything in between.  Ghost stories and haunts will terrorize this issue.

November - Political Crime Thrillers
From Washington D.C. to points across the globe, political crime stories reach all
countries.  We will dedicate this issue to those rogue agents and authors that save the

December - 2010 Year in Review / Holiday Issue
What books should you buy for Christmas?  Want to know the Top 10 Best Books of
2009?  We have the entire year in review for you in one big issue.
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