This section of the Magazine is dedicated to
New Authors, just making it on the scene.  
With so many books out there to choose from,
how can you be sure that you are grabbing that
next bestseller?  Well we are going to make
sure that your next beach read, will put you on
that thriller roller coaster you've been dying to
get on.  We are proud to have the support of
so many publishers and agents that have
donated their work just for you.  This site will
be updated on a regular basis, so you want to
make sure you bookmark it.  

Do you think you have what it takes to make
this page??  We will link up each publisher and
agent on this page.  They all have submission
guidelines detailed on their web page, so the
next author to be here just might be YOU!!  

We hope you enjoy and don't forget to email
any comments or questions to:  Email's will be
answered within 24 hours.  
From the Editor:

For the past couple of months I've been
thinking how to expand the site.  Then it hit
me on a trip to the bookstore.  I was looking
at the new release section and was
wondering if they ever change it.  I kept
seeing the same 20 authors over and over.  I
then decided to create this section to the
Magazine.  The time to get some different
authors in that "New Release" section is
now.  Suspense Magazine is going to
spearhead an effort to get great storytellers
to you.  We are contacting publishing
companies and agents to send us over books
and stories from their authors.  The
response has been great.  Below you will see
a list of authors that, and that list will keep
growing, have excellent stories you need to
read.  Because here at Suspense, a great story is a great story
that needs to be read over and over!!!