Stephen King
October Author of the Month
Well what can we say that hasn't already been said.  We
are extremely honored to have Stephen King as the
October Author of the Month.  Stephen King is one of the
most influential writers of our time.  From his first novel
Carrie to his latest Duma Key, Mr. King has written just
about every type of novel in between.  We could go on
and on about all the accomplishments of Stephen King,
but that would fill up the entire page.  Check out his
official website for up to the minute news on Mr. King.  
We do however have an exclusive interview, questions
that you won't find anywhere else, check it out below!!
In Duma Key, Edgar Freemantle, a successful Minnesota
contractor, barely survives after the Dodge Ram he's
driving collides with a 12-story crane on a job site.
While Freemantle suffers the loss of an arm and a
fractured skull, among other serious injuries, he makes
impressive gains in rehabilitation. Personality changes
that include uncontrollable rages, however, hasten the
end of his 20-year-plus marriage. On his psychiatrist's
advice, Freemantle decides to start anew on a remote
island in the Florida Keys. To his astonishment, he
becomes consumed with making art—first pencil
sketches, then paintings—that soon earns him a
devoted following. Freemantle's artwork has the power
both to destroy life and to cure ailments, but soon the
Lovecraftian menace that haunts Duma Key begins to
assert itself and torment those dear to him.
Who but Stephen King would turn a Port-a-San into a slimy birth canal,
or a roadside honky-tonk into a place for endless love? A book
salesman with a grievance might pick up a mute hitchhiker, not knowing
the silent man in the passenger seat listens altogether too well. Or an
exercise routine on a stationary bicycle, begun to reduce bad
cholesterol, might take its rider on a captivating-and then
terrifying-journey. Set on a remote key in Florida, "The Gingerbread
Girl" is a riveting tale featuring a young woman as vulnerable-and
resourceful-as Audrey Hepburn's character in Wait Until Dark. In
"Ayana," a blind girl works a miracle with a kiss and the touch of her
hand. For King, the line between the living and the dead is often blurry,
and the seams that hold our reality intact might tear apart at any
moment. In one of the longer stories here, "N.," which recently broke
new ground when it was adapted as a graphic digital entertainment, a
psychiatric patient's irrational thinking might create an apocalyptic
threat in the Maine countryside . . . or keep the world from falling victim
to it.

Just After Sunset-call it dusk, call it twilight, it's a time when human
intercourse takes on an unnatural cast, when nothing is quite as it
appears, when the imagination begins to reach for shadows as they
dissipate to darkness and living daylight can be scared right out of you.
It's the perfect time for Stephen King.
To be released November 11, 2008
If you could solve any mystery for yourself, for example: Jack the Ripper, Atlantis,
etc, what would it be?

I'd like to know--for sure--that Oswald acted alone in the assassination of JFK.

I recently saw the special 10 questions for the Dalai Lama, who would you like to
be able to sit with and talk to, alive or dead?

I suppose I'd like to have a conversation with H.P. Lovecraft, although I suspect I would be
disappointed with what he had to say. Still...the curiosity is there.

What is on your Ipod right now?

Most recently, a rock group called James (Hey Ma is the name of the album). Also Coldplay, the new
Al Green Album, The Raspberries' live reunion album, the new Randy Newman album (Harps and
Angels), the Hold Steady, and a great record called Real Animal by Alejandro Escovedo. But there are
thousands of songs on there. Oddly enough--or maybe not--what I keep going back to are gospel
songs by Mavis Staples and the Staples Singers.

You helped coach your son's little league team to the Maine Little League
Championship in 1989, which is something he will never forget, can you recall your
most memorable moment when you played Little League?

The Maine State Championship game, which we won with a walk-off home run in extra innings. The
crowd, as they say, went crazy.

If you were not a writer, what profession would you do?

Long-haul trucker.

Since you play guitar for The Rock Bottom Remainders, what guitar player or band
would you like to jump on stage with for one show?

AC/DC, of course.

What is the worst job you have ever had?

When I washed industrial laundry for New Franklin Laundry in Bangor, twice a week (in summer) we
used to get the table linen from Testa's of Bar Harbor. Testa's is a famous seafood restaurant, where
the elite meet. But the elite never saw those napkins and tablecloths after a hot summer day in the
back of a laundry pick-up truck. They stank, which was bad, and they were squirming with maggots.
But I washed em, and by God they came out clean.

How relieved where you when the Boston Red Sox finally won the World Series in
2004?  And I live in Los Angeles, so thanks for Manny Ramirez! I'm still waiting for
the Minnesota Vikings to win the Super Bowl!

I miss Manny. He really has fun playing the game, and you gotta like that. As for the Series win in
2004--I've got a tee-shirt that says NOW I CAN DIE IN PEACE, and that pretty well sums it up.

In looking back, which one of your published works would you pull off  the shelves?

I did pull one. It's called Rage (under the Bachman pseudonym). I've never regretted doing that.

What is one item that is on your Bucket List, you have yet to complete?

I guess I've done it all--I'm lucky. Becoming a grandfather might have been the last one. I'd like to
win a major literary prize, but--probably lucky for me--that's optional.
Here is the very exclusive interview with Mr. Stephen King!!!