Praise for "Morning Menace"

“Straddling the line between romance and thriller, “Morning Menace” is a striking debut. Teeming with treacherous twists, the grim—often
unsettling conflict is palpable. The intensity and inclusion of a character tangled in her own neurosis keeps the pages turning and the unexpected
ending will surprise even the most adept amateur crime-solvers.”

“Captivating...a woman thrown into the mix of a family and murder...riveting...a once close-knit happy family is shaken to its core...a must read
with a surprise ending you just won't believe.”
~ Starr Gardinier Reina, Author of “In the Name of Revenge” and “Deadly Decisions”

"There are few writers that can capture the thrill of reading your first mystery as well as Armstrong can. She has brought back the magic of the
intrepid investigator, who never really wanted to solve the mystery before them, but succeeds with breath-taking passion. An amazing read, filled
with plots and turns only found in a hall of mirrors, or a Hitchcock film. Each page will prepare you for the ending -- in which, you will gasp with
surprise! Carl Kolchak meets "Murder, She Wrote." Her story only makes you crave the rest of her promising trilogy."
~ Donald Allen Kirch, Author of "Manchester House."
Terri Ann Armstrong
Exclusive interview with Terri Ann Armstrong
Terri is a very talented author that is new to the suspense
scene. She has had three books published; her bio is below:

-  “My Son” poem printed in a anthology (2000)
-   My Soul Has Spoken (Publish America, Maryland June,
-   Where do I Begin? (Publish America, Maryland April,
-   Husbandry 101 (Seaburn Publishing Group, New York
April, 2008)
-   “Morning Menace” (Amazon Kindle & PC Compatible)
-   “Medieval Menace” (Amazon Kindle & PC Compatible)
-   “Maternal Menace” (Amazon Kindle & PC Compatible)
-   Four books published: Poetry, two self-help

Terri Ann Armstrong (TAA): First, my mother, Dorothea Gary; she’s always believed in me even when I
wasn’t sure I could believe in myself. Second, my dear friend Tom Wright; I’ve known him for twenty-three years
look at it. He said I had talent I didn’t even tap into yet. My writing pal and mystery sister Starr Reina; she
gives me encouragement as well as a boot in the backside when I need it. What more could a woman need? Then
there’s Shannon Raab—there truly are no words for what she has meant to me in my writing career. The way to
sum it up is with just one word…astonishing!

S. MAG.: What is your all-time, favorite book?

TAA: It’s funny, if you asked me that two years ago my answer would have been a world apart from my answer
today. I LOVED “Rapture Untamed” by Pamela Palmer (Fantasy) and “Pray for Dawn” by Jocelynn Drake
(Vampires and more). I’ve read so many wonderful books over the last year, and in doing so, I have opened up
my once closed horizons to new and wonderful stories.

S. MAG.: How long do you normally take to research your book?

TAA: It depends on the subject. In one of my mystery novel—which I just finished—it took a few
twelve-fifteen hour days to research for the mid-evil weapons I wanted in the book. I needed to
know what they were called, what they looked like and what they were capable of doing.

In the first book, I interviewed a horse farm owner and his wife to get some information, which I never ended up
using. I don’t feel it was a waste of time because I can always use it in another book.

S. MAG.: What is on your ipod now?

TAA: It changes all the time. I love country music, but I also love what I grew up on, 70’s and 80’s music.

S. MAG.: Do you have any superstitions when you write, little quirks, etc.?

TAA: Not a superstition, but I actually wait for the characters to talk to me. In my mystery novels, the
characters were all clamoring to be the bad guy. I know it sounds strange, but if you believe in your characters and
who they are—even down to what they wear—your book, the scenes, scents and even tastes become real. I think
that’s what makes for a much more interesting read. You feel like you’re there, and painting a picture with your
words is a true art form.

S. MAG.: If you could solve any mystery for yourself, what would it be?

TAA: How to completely eliminate fat cells.

S. MAG.: If you could talk to any person—alive or dead—for one hour, who would it be?

TAA: My late mother; she is my oldest and dearest friend, now and forever.

S. MAG.: I love to hear stories from authors about their first published book. How did you get it

TAA: I got lucky actually; I contacted several publishers and got a lot of those no’s that I had to be strong
against to keep me from throwing in the towel. When I finally got the email I’d been waiting for, I was on the
phone with my mother. I opened the email and started laughing and crying hysterically at the same time. I couldn’t
breathe; I could barely get the words out, “They want to publish my work!” My mother was thrilled, but I was
breathless for about ten minutes. My heartbeat was way over the top for three days. When I finally came back
down, I had to go work. I can still feel what I felt six years ago; it still brings tears to my eyes.

S. MAG.: What future plans can you tell us about?

TAA: I’m moving to California by the end of 2011. So many opportunities are there along with my agent and
the magazine I work for. I also have family; that’s just an added bonus. The other future plan I have is to be a
Pulitzer Prize winner.

S. MAG.: When you’re not writing, what do you do for fun?

TAA: Read, play with my grandson Tyler, listen to music and in all honesty, think about my next book. It’s in
my blood. I also enjoy editing for other authors. When I need a serious break from words—which isn’t often—I
like crafts of all kinds: counted cross stitch, crocheting, puzzles, board games, making fabric roses, sewing and a
whole lot more.